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  • Re: PSA: Backup Your 2FA Google Authenticator!

    If you have an old Android phone sitting around that still works, you can use that as a backup device.
    Also, maybe dont use Authenticator for every 2FA. I use sms for some even when authenticator is an option.

  • Re: The Bitcoin Group/ Comics Project

    I love this.

    I had intended to do a comic/superhero project myself, but sadly I lack the time to actually produce anything.

    In your original post you said you'd need some help with the writing. If you still do, maybe we can talk

  • Re: Counter Wallet Empty!

    I had to create two new addresses before my old address showed up.

  • Re: Meaning of Your Username

    "Disengage" is a common English word meaning to detach or separate from.

    I chose it both as a reference to my webcomic ("Actively Disengaged") and a call to action. My name is a verb encouraging people to detach from the state as an external institution and from the statist memes in their own heads.

  • Re: [WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION] How shall we fight those spammers ?

    I joined another forum recently that instituted a captcha for the first 5 posts or so, and then none afterward. Other than it not being explained ahead of time, I didn't have a problem with it as a legitimate user and it seemed to work reasonably well. It's a new forum, though, so i can't speak to long-term effectiveness yet.

  • Re: What to mine and still stay profitable?

    I guess the trick is that you have to set things up for the coin to immediately trade as soon as it is mined

    That's exactly how it works. The pool integrates with an exchange (or possibly several) and the profitability of each altcoin is calculated based on the prices on that exchange. Mined coins are auto-deposited at the exchange, and the exchange automatically sells them for BTC.

    It sounds awesome. But there are a lot of non-obvious problems with the above sequence of events. The major ones being fees, delays, and non-liquidity on the exchange. Unless there is a huge spike or dip in price, any advantage you get by switching from a slightly less profitable coin to a slightly more profitable one will be eaten up by those problems.

    It's also possible to do something similar in the mining software itself using cgwatcher and cgminer or bfgminer without trusting the pool to do the switching for you. It didn't look like a lot of fun to set up, so I didn't bother.

  • Re: Did Margin Trading Crash the Price of Bitcoin?

    Forgive the stupid question, but I'm not a trader. I can see how being on the wrong side of a bet involving margin could be bad for the borrower, but how does this cause the price of BTC to fall?

  • Re: What to mine and still stay profitable?

    Unless you're doing so for fun or education, chasing the constantly moving target of "profitable mining" just isn't worth it. Buying and holding is a much saner way of profiting. I mine at a multi-coin pool that switches based on coin profitability. I do it because I'm easily entertained, not because I'm trying to turn a profit. It's like playing poker for pennies. If you don't like poker to begin with, then it's not worth it.

  • Re: LTBCoin for what ?

    You can use it to purchase advertising on the various shows that are a part of the LTB network, and you can purchase products/services from the other people here.

  • Re: FLDC??

    So I see where the token comes from and what it represents, but I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone?

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