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  • Inevitable Need To Foster The Blockchain Education

    It’s been more than eight years since the emergence of bitcoin and blockchain technology but in most of the countries, students are still unaware of the basic concepts of bitcoin and blockchain. This is because a majority of educational institutions are still devoid of the blockchain education. But as the latest inventions are happening in this realm, the need for adopting blockchain education is rising sharply. Some reputed universities have already embraced it and many are about to do that very soon. But sadly, two third of the world’s educational institutions still don’t have a clue.

    blockchain edu, blockchain technology

    Blockchain is a very broad field and it is expanding at a steady pace. The blockchain applications are growing like a weed and it is slowly taking over the industry. Therefore, it is a need of the hour to learn about this earth-shattering technology. Blockchain education is something inevitable and all the educational groups will have to open up to it sooner or later.

  • Stripe: A FinTech Platform Featuring Bitcoin

    An international FinTech giant and payment processor called Stripe has made its way into France. The company offered support for the bitcoin transactions two years ago. And since then, the growth shown by Stripe has been phenomenal. Stripe has expanded substantially over the recent years and its services are now available in more than 25 countries including US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Switzerland and now France as well.

    More About Stripe & The Services It Proffers Stripe is an Irish firm that was brought to light in 2011. It was founded by John and Patrick Collison in 2010. During the initial stages, the company was engaged in various crowdfunding campaigns in order to raise funds for the business. And finally in September 2011, it emerged as an international FinTech and payment processor.

    Stripe provides a payment platform for the merchants and retailers. It supports 130 fiat currencies and modern payment methods like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Bitcoin. Furthermore, the one-click payment options provided by Stripe have been highly appreciated. However, the Stripe services are not just limited to payment processing. The company also provides various FinTech solutions such as invoicing and accounting tools for the customers.

  • Augur Partners With Airbitz For Edge Security

    A well known prediction market called Augur which runs of Ethereum blockchain has lately partnered with Airbitz for the deployment of the latter’s Edge Security platform. Airbitz is also known for its highly secure bitcoin wallets. Not just that, Airbitz wallet is among the top five bitcoin wallets of this year according to the second edition review of BTC wallets conducted by Open Bitcoin Privacy Project (OBPP). To know more about this, please refer to our recent blog Top Three Bitcoin Wallets Of 2016.

    Augur Partners With Airbitz For Edge Security, airbitz, ethereumAugur team reveals that it is going to use the Airbitz Edge Security platform to make its prediction market more accessible to the mainstream audience. In addition to that, it will allow encryption, backup and synchronization of private keys to make the letter more secure.

  • DAO Security Breach, Millions of Dollars At Stake

    DAO Security Breach The recent security breach encountered by DAO network raised some serious concerns regarding the so called safeguarded decentralized system. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that was set up to support Ethereum projects had been attacked by anonymous black hats who tried to steal its cryptocurrency reserves. It is reported that somewhat around 3.6 million ethers have been stolen in the process and the stolen amount is valued more than $60 million. As a matter of fact, DAO had accumulated up to 9.5 million ethers so far, one third of which has been drained by the attackers.

    However, the organization claims that the money is not completely lost and chances are, most of it will be recovered back soon. The co-founder of Ethereum and one of the DAO curators named Vitalik Buterin reported through a blog post that the stolen ethers are in a child DAO right now and it will take at least 27 days for the attackers to withdraw the entire amount.

    Ethereum Is Still Unaffected The security breach took place owing to the vulnerabilities in DAO system and Ethereum has nothing to do with it. Ethereum is completely safe and unaffected from the attacks. Vitalik Buterin explains that it was a recursive call attack through which the attackers drained a certain amount of ethers in many single transactions. The attacks continued to take place for several hours and drained out one third of the ethers. Slock.It has proposed a solution to recover the lost amount and DAO is looking forward to it. Alas, it might be the end of DAO and it is likely to shut down or transform into a simple contract where the users can only withdraw. But Ethereum will have no major impact of this whatsoever and it will continue to function in the same way it is doing right now.

  • DAO Receives A Warm Welcome In The Land Of Rising Sun

    A leading Japanese business firm, Coincheck recently announced support for the trending DAO tokens. Coincheck is a foremost Japanese organization based in Tokyo that provides worldwide cryptocurrency exchange and storage services.

    DAO Token Arrives In Japan,Decentralized Autonomous Organization

    Within a few days post its release, DAO has gained a tremendous popularity among the masses and it has been consistently in news since then. But many people are still unaware of the DAO concept. So before moving any further, let’s first discuss about DAO and the concept behind it.

    What Exactly Is DAO? The Decentralized Autonomous Organization or simply DAO is basically a collection of Smart Contracts built on Ethereum Blockchain. The DAO project was initiated by a German company i.e Stock.It which has been building Ethereum based Smart Locks for quite some time now. The DAO network operates through a joint consensus which involves all the DAO token holders. The greatest virtue of it is its self-governance characteristics. It boasts an open functionality which is not influenced by any outside forces. The DAO software works autonomously on the Ethereum blockchain and it incorporates a joint ownership of all the shareholders who have given their contribution to the project.

    DAO Tokens & Their Use The DAO system is powered by ETH which serves as a backbone for the DAO tokens and its sole aim is to support the projects delivered by the contractors by raising a large amount of Ethers during the initial stages. The DAO organization has been selling the tokens in exchange of Ethers and it has collected over $50 Million worth of Ethers so far without any outside support. In return, every DAO token holder is granted voting and ownership rights over the DAO network. Just like all the other digital tokens, the price of DAO token also varies with time. The new DAO tokens are generated in direct proportion to the amount of ETH transferred at a particular time.

    Contractors & Curators The DAO community is run by a group of individuals called Contractors and Curators. A Curator is nominated by a collective voting by all the members of the community and can be discharged any time on certain grounds. The Curators decide what amount of ETH is to be received by contractors from the DAO.

    The contractors are responsible for submitting various proposals for the development of products and services. The proposals are backed up in the form of smart contracts. The smart contract binds the contractor to certain terms and conditions.

  • Bitcoin Price Goes Out Of Bounds, Is It China Again?

    The bitcoin's price growth has left everyone stunned and awestruck. People are wondering what might be the reasons behind this growth. Let's have a look!


  • Visual Studio Enables Coding In Solidity For Ethereum

    Microsoft's Visual Studio has paved new ways for Ethereum developers by providing support for solidity. Let's find out how!


  • Monthly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis (May 2016)

    So far, we’ve been writing only about bitcoin price trends every week. But owing to an increasing popularity of some other cryptocurrencies, we realized that our readers are now taking deep interest in various altcoins as well. So after some serious contemplation, we decided to start writing a monthly blog specifically on Altcoin Price Analysis in which we’ll be talking about the price trends of some popular altcoins like Ether, Litecoin and Dash. It’s going to be a short summary of all the ups and downs in the price movements encountered by these altcoins over the last month. So let’s move further and start the analysis with Bitcoin followed by the other altcoins. Bitcoin Price Analysis Bitcoin price had been on a roller coaster ride last month. Remarkably, May 2016 turned out to be utterly dynamic from the bitcoin’s point of view. There were rapid fluctuations in bitcoin price throughout the month from lows to highs, back and forth. There was a slight decline in BTC price in the first week of month which was supposedly due to Dr. Craig Wright’s claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The price abruptly fell down to $440 in the first week of May but it got back on track soon after and reached close to $460 within the next few days. The following week, BTC price got stagnant for a while and the price movements went extremely sluggish. For the next few days, the percentage change in the BTC value was even less than 0.5%.


  • Bitcoin Price Breaks The Barriers, Crosses $500 Mark

    28 May 2016. Saturday morning brought with it an unexpected twist taking bitcoin price to its pinnacle. Bitcoin price skyrocketed, crossing the $500 mark. As inconceivable as it sounds, it was reported to be as high as high $531.70 on the same day at 06.14 UTC. If we look back at the previous records, bitcoin price hadn’t touched the $500 for almost two years. So clearly, it is an all time high since August, 2014 when the BTC price was last reported to be $532.99. '

    Nevertheless, this steep rise in the price comes as a surprize since the bitcoin price was looming around $470 just the day before. On friday, it was closed at $473.47 as per the reports of coindesk. But the following day, it literally smashed the barriers and inclined with a percentage rise of more than 12 percent. The BTC price reached the highest of the day at 06.14 UTC which was $531.70 and it was eventually closed at $525. For all one knows, this drastic incline seemed obvious owing to the recent trends and reports. We also extrapolated about this coming upslope through our blog, Bitcoin Price Surges Towards $500 Mark. However, it appeared uncertain lately when the bitcoin price fluctuations suddenly went sluggish earlier this month. But it turned out to be amazing, proving everyone wrong.

    Continue reading at:-

  • Getting Started With Litecoin Mining

    Litecoin is the third most popular cryptocurrency of present times. It is often termed as a silver to the bitcoin’s gold. Litecoin is one of the first few cryptocurrencies that were introduced in market after the tremendous success of bitcoin. It was introduced in 2011 and the growth shown by litecoin after that is exceptional. Litecoin is available on all the major cryptocurrency trading grounds. It has a current market capitalization close to 184 Million USD and a current supply cap of 45 million LTC.

    Want to know more about Litecoin Mining . Lets get started here. Visit:-

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