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  • Real Name: Darryl Giors
  • LTBcoin Compatible Address: 1EJs9sE51YQqbgsFuS6ZbpgwxJGygkFMCY
  • Location: California
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    I'm a small time crypto miner and investor. I bought some GPUs to mine scrypt starting April 1st 2013 (no joke!). Been involved ever since making good and bad decisions along the way.

    BTC is here to stay yet there are many interesting projects with huge potential out there. Diversify diversify! I used to record a fun, irreverent and informative weekly podcast with some friends called Incoherent Ramblings. We did an episode on Decentralization outlining how blockchain technology will further disrupt industry and government. I'm very interested to know what you think. Enjoy!

    We'll get back to publishing sometime when I get some things in order and finish my studio. Currently mining: Ethereum, NXT (forging), Bitcoin Dark (staking) and Black Coin (staking)

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    We're incoherent so you don't have to. Incoherent Rambings LTB tipping: 1EJs9sE51YQqbgsFuS6ZbpgwxJGygkFMCY

  • Bitcoin Tipping Address (This is not your LTBCOIN address): 1MQLfiKA5A6goEiSwMdVyVvFw4YgCj489V
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  • Re: The Price Of LTBC Has Just Rocketed!!!

    Something I just noticed today. Folding Coin has been on the rise too. Not that they're related but as I recall in past Months their prices have kept pretty near one another.

  • Re: The Price Of LTBC Has Just Rocketed!!!

    I came here to post something similar. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion of insider trading. It's probably spiking because it's been low-volume trading and somebody new or old took an interest in it and bought up a fair bit of the supply.

    All this is speculation on my part which I admit is nearly worthless.

  • Re: Hash Ocean - Cloud Mining 15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever!

    Without casting aspersions might I add that cloud hashing with an affiliate program fits the template of many ponzi operations in the past. Make what you will of it. I suggest being cautious.

  • Re: Hash Ocean - Cloud Mining 15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever!


    @btcdroid 15KH/s? That seems woefully low. The original Butterfly Labs Jalapeño from 2013 was 5GH/s, and its been considered obsolete for over a year.

    Also, it's bad form to post personal referral links (the "rid=#" part of your URL) without clearly telling people they are referral links. If the cloud mining was worth its weight in potato peelings you wouldn't need to trick people into using your referral URL to get bonuses at the hashocean website.

    I have nothing to hide. Tricking people? C'mon dude! I'm showing everyone the affiliate opportunity also available with Hash Ocean. It's 5% commission. Again, NOTHING TO HIDE. Cheers.

    Hot damn this forum needs a dislike button. Your comments need to be downvoted hard!

  • Re: Pizza for LTBCoin

    @ivanb It looks like official tipping in the forum is a feature that's low priority. I went ahead and tipped you at 171vuHUGwzTkCc8ZZJgHMZWTcFhSYF7PhL At this point it's not worth much. Glad to give you the recognition anyway.

  • Re: Overstock and Counterparty devs split ways

    That comes as quite a shock. I'm invested in Counterparty at perhaps 10% of my entire crypto holdings at time of purchase. Unfortunately the trend has been mostly down since then. For the long term I'm not overly concerned regarding the current price, however, Medici was a great assurance XCP had a bright future.

    Not that XCP has lost it's place as a great technology. There are many other wonderful tokens on their system, FLDC and LTBC among them. The problem is that Medici was such a big deal that it weakens the prospect of XCP. Hopefully we don't see others jump ship too.

    Alas if a better platform comes along it would make sense for existing platforms to be eroded. Bitcoin being a notable exception because of it's vast network strength. It won't shock me if over the coming years platforms eat each other up until a number of them gain adequate network effect to sustain their shotcomings compared to newcomers.

  • Re: SPECULATE.XCP - Weekly Payouts!

    OK, thanks. Are you using BITCOINEX for EARNFREEBTC too? I have access to the special forum so I'll follow up with some reading there.


    @dgiors I've been getting mysterious payments in BITCOINEX and haven't seen any new XBTC divs in a while. Has there been a switch in payout token?

    Trying to get to the bottom of it.

    Yes, I made a thread about it in the SPECULATE private forum board: (if you dont have your counterwallet address verified with your LTB account, you might not be able to see that forum post).

    I will be making an official anouncement about it in the next day or so, just getting some things finished up. In the meantime, if anyone needs to convert their BITCOINEX (or XBTC) into regular bitcoin before I finish getting the vending address setup, just send me a PM. It works the same way as XBTC, so 1 BITCOINEX = 1 Bitcoin

  • Re: SPECULATE.XCP - Weekly Payouts!

    I've been getting mysterious payments in BITCOINEX and haven't seen any new XBTC divs in a while. Has there been a switch in payout token?

    Trying to get to the bottom of it.

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