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  • Re: A Case For Using Conferences To Expand The LTB Brand and Enhance the Network Effect

     I think your idea takes conferences for LTB it to a whole new level.  Some great ideas and also great questions that we should look at more closely.  Sounds like you have thought about this a great deal.
    I do agree that fewer conferences with high quality should be the priority until a system is in place.

  • Re: [ANN] The Altcoin Observer - Looking for Writers & Researchers

    I think loon3 has the right idea!

  • Re: Introduce yourself!

    My name is Denise.  I have been helping to edit LTB for the past couple of months starting with written submissions, and now also editing audio, which I totally enjoy.  It appeals to the micromanager in me I did not know was there.  I have been learning about Bitcoin since last April, when Adam started the show and am slowly grasping not only the concept, but the implications.  I have always had issues with government control (might be where Adam gets it) so the autonomy of Bitcoin appeals to me.  None of us need more bosses.I have been writing for the University of California Master Gardener program and our local paper for the past 15 years, have helped run Farmers Markets and have a background in psychology and marketing.  Communicating is important to me, and I have been part of several large programs that have introduced concepts to new markets, so Bitcoin is the next logical step.  
    What has most impressed me to date about the Bitcoin tribe, is that everyone I have met, and many I have listened to or read, have been seriously bright, highly motivated, curious, ambitious, hard working (uh, to the point of obsession?  Anyone recognize yourself?) and very, very generous.  Whether with ideas, or bitcoins, content flows. 

    I feel very hopeful listening to all of you on this and other forums.  I think you are all making a difference, and I look forward to aiding that effort.

  • Re: RSVP LINK HERE -> LTBCoin Hangout Q&A #1 - Saturday, March 15th 9am PST

    For folks that who were not able to attend, you can watch/listen on youtube

    additionally, there will be a slightly edited audio recording on LTB soon.

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