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  • Re: Wanted: social media manager

    What is SMM?

  • Re: issue with tokenly-cms install

    The install process is a little out of date, not surprising you are running into issues :p Shoot me a PM or email and I can help guide you through setup

  • Re: The Price Of LTBC Has Just Rocketed!!!

    @philder No idea what's causing it, but in the spirit of never looking a gift horse in the mouth, I have cashed out. Not going to retire, but silly not to take advantage.

    I'd also noticed FoldingCoin (and indeed Curecoin) had been on the move lately.

    Probably a wise decision. Not gonna' lie I also sold off a large portion of my stash, which was only a bit over 1.5 million LTBC. Which actually I bought at 30 satoshis a piece to replenish coins I sold earlier on. Managed to catch this spike at 190 which was pretty nice :D

    Every now and then a random coin or two on Poloniex gets chosen by the crowd for a massive pump, which sometimes fails but also sometimes succeeds such as this case. Like you noticed, the exact same thing happened to FoldingCoin, completely out of nowhere ridiculous volume and price increases, and not like there has been any announcements or any major project developments or anything. Same with us, nothing is happening really other than we continue to exist. As far as me and @adam can tell this was a totally random event and those of us that cashed out some got lucky. Surprisingly the price is still almost 3X what it was not long ago.

  • Re: Magic word??

    @proce55or Can anyone please explain it to me, what is the purpose of it apart of the information what podcast has more listeners?

    Besides listener tracking for podcasters, if you have an LTB rewards address set up in your account, you get some free LTBCOIN each week depending on how many "participation points" you earned (magic words, viewing, starting or commenting on forum threads, viewing blog articles). You can save up your LTBCOIN and get LTB merchandise or buy advertising, or you can sell it for BTC or other cryptos.

  • Re: Official Bug Report Thread

    @btcdroid I finally figured this out, fixed now

  • Re: Official Bug Report Thread


    I think the "Participation Points Earned" chart has stopped updating again. My last update is Jun 25.

    My chart is still stuck on Jun 25. Is anyone else seeing this with their chart?

    sorry yeah seems like there is an issue with the chart updating script which doesnt work too well now that the weekly distributions are happening outside of the LTB system. Thought I had already fixed it but I guess not, I will look into it more tonight

  • Re: Spam!

    Alright, here is how things are working now: From now on all new users are only allowed to post once to the forums, and this post is automatically hidden from public view. An admin gets immediately notified and can check out if it is spammy or not. If the post is fine, there is now an "Approve User" button next to the edit/bury/delete buttons which approves the post and allows the user to continue posting as normal. Additionally, I have temporarily disabled some of the forum API functions just in case those were being abused at all. @adam hopefully this puts a stop to the onslaught

  • Re: Spam!

    I'm going to go ahead and implement a temporary change tonight where all new accounts require an approval for their first posts, this shit is going on way too long.

  • Re: Spam!

    At this point I'm considering if it would just be easier to require first post or two from any new user to be manually approved by a mod/admin before letting them post on their own..

  • Re: Was there no LTBc rewards distribution in July?

    @adam Yeah I know what's up - We moved to using instead of the prototype distributor that's built into the LTB platform. I don't think Notifications are working with the new distributor.

    This is correct, I haven't yet gotten around to implementing the distribution notifications from Bitsplit -> LTB. Coins have definitely been sent though!

    However there is still a way to receive notifications. Go to your Tokenpass dashboard, then go to the "Pockets" page, find your address which you receive LTBC payments on and set it to "public". This will let bitsplit know the username associated with your address and then automatically sends you a notification.

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