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  • Re: Wanted: Graphic Designers


    Hey, I'm interested

    here's some of my work

    I just sent you an access token.

  • Wanted: Graphic Designers

    Continuation of our initial post.

    We are looking for graphic designers to help design artwork for Crypto Cards, a cryptocurrency themed trading card game.

    If you have examples of prior work or an online portfolio, feel free to post a link and we'll send you a CRYPTOCARD token so you can access the sub-forum.

  • Crypto Cards: The First Cryptocurrency Related Trading Card Game

    Crypto Cards is the first cryptocurrency related trading card game based on the events surrounding the Bitcoin space. The cards also serve to introduce concepts such as the blockchain, notes, 51% attacks, etc. in a fun way through a visually pleasing medium.


    We are looking for graphic designers or artistic individuals to help design the artwork for the cards. For each design submission that is accepted, the artist will receive 1 CARDCREATOR token on Counterparty. Holders of CARDCREATOR tokens will receive 40% of the profits generated through selling the cards to the Bitcoin community. There will be a 4 week submission period for the first set of cards. To incentivize participation, artwork submissions made earlier in the 4 week period will receive a bonus on top of the profit distribution sent out to CRYPTOCREATOR holders when cards begin to be sold. An additional 10% of all profits will be reserved to distribute as bonuses for early submissions.

    Submission Time Frame | Bonus
    11/02/14-11/08/14..............| 40%
    11/09/14-11/15/14..............| 30%
    11/16/14-11/22/14..............| 20%
    11/23/14-11/29/14..............| 10%

    How to get CRYPTOCREATOR Tokens

    CRYPTOCREATOR tokens will only be sent to individuals who have submitted artwork. You cannot buy CRYPTOCREATOR tokens unless the token is bought from someone who received the token for art they submitted.


    We have created an access token called CRYPTOCARD that will allow holders of the token to participate in the CryptoCard sub-forum where design ideas other general content related to the cards will be posted. CRYPTOCARD is not an investment token and exists only to grant the holder access to the sub-forum.

    How to get a CRYPTOCARD Token to access the sub-forum

    We are asking for a donation of 0.003 BTC (~$1 USD) or 3000 LTBc in exchange for a CRYPTOCARD token. All donations will go towards printing/packaging costs and other expenses related to the project.

    Donations can be sent to our Counterwallet address: 1RFcT6P3uyHx8pWy3SQVRxf2JGLA9nG8y
    You can expect to see a CRYPTOCARD token sent to the address that made the donation within 24 hours, tokens will be sent as soon as we see that incoming transactions are confirmed.

    Artist Distribution Example

    Here is an example of the back of the card. This is just one example and we welcome other ideas if you have them

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