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  • Re: The Price Of LTBC Has Just Rocketed!!!

    I wouldn't have thought this is a case of ltb insider trading! But its a funny coin this ltbc!

  • Poloniex ltbc dump

    So a few hours ago someone dumped over 1btc of ltbc on poloniex. Certainly upped the coin volume but the price went as low as 0.00000003. The price has now recovered but I'm now annoyed I didn't have buy positions at low levels :(

    Looks like someone is trying to knock ltbc down to zero!

  • Re: Anyone using Gems?


    So I looked into GetGems a bit more. They actually use the telegram servers to send messages between devices. You can therefore see when telegram users are online and they can see you. I think telegram has around 60million users so getgems should get a lot of exposure to those users - and fingers crossed those people will get interested and get themselves a bitcoin wallet on getgems :)

  • Re: Bitcoin Investments


    Our portfolio is open for everybody. That is our real addresses.

    So, looking at your portfolio, you seem to have a remarkably high % loss recently...

  • Re: Anyone using Gems?

    i use getgems and it works great. Picture sharing works really easy on my phone. @jorjxmckie I believe Getgems and telegram are merging, but dont hold me to that.

    The best thing about this app is i have been able to get my girlfriend to download it despite her not really caring about bitcoin. However, once she had the app i sent sent some bitcoin and shes started to get interested, noting when it goes up and down.

    The app may not be to everyones liking yet, but it could be a useful tool for greater market infiltration!

  • Re: I need name! because i want to make a band. can you tell me some ideas?

    Listen to Bitcoins and Gravy, John is always coming up with new band names :D

  • Re: Ltb distribution 16 May 2015

    @adam, thanks for the tip. It is showing fine on the ltb companion.

    I usually use website. Having looked a bit closer, the actual total ltbcoin value is correct, but its just not showing up on the account history page. Not sure how that would be.

    Its all there though :)

  • Ltb distribution 16 May 2015

    I received a notification that I was being sent LTb coin on the 16th May, however, nothing is showing up in my wallet? I have received every other payment without issue but this one hasn't appeared... Anyone know why?

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