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  • Real Name: Blockfreight
  • LTBcoin Compatible Address: 1E4g1pTAVMQoB32UdMqEG6Xb9KKmkZ3AfR
  • Location: Melbourne, AU
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    Blockfreight™ | The blockchain of global freight.

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    Blockfreight™ | The blockchain of global freight.

  • Bitcoin Tipping Address (This is not your LTBCOIN address): 1KxgCdDuZTBVC1XLYP6cJtbxAffPwo3mth

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    BLOCKFREIGHT.XCP - "Blockfreight"

    [Exchange 3 letter code: BFT]

    ===================================== Blockfreight™ | The blockchain for global freight.

    Hi Everybody,

    I am Julian Smith. Co-founder and CIO at Blockfreight™

    We are building something neat. A blockchain for global freight.

    As fuel - a record in the chain is one (1) BLOCKFREIGHT token.

    We have a lot to do, but I am pleased with our progress.

    Ask me anything.

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