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  • Re: How many magic words (I'm sorry too) have there been?

    I keep missing them because of the cutoff. I will actually listen to the shows in entirety, then forget to get to my computer within the 24 to 48 hours remaining. I always enter them and they're expired. :/

  • Re: Last 2 Magic Words already expired?

    PMing now thank you!

  • Last 2 Magic Words already expired?

    This is getting confusing. One previous magic word definitely expired early. I created a thread about it but never got it resolved, so I guess I missed out on that one.

    Another one since then seemed to work WAY after it was supposed to, so that was confusing.

    Now I finally was able to sit down and listen to the last three episides. Published on the 18th , 19th, and 21st ... and just now tried to enter the three magic words. Two had already expired???

    Should the one from the 18th have already expired? Surely not the 19th.

    I dont know how anyone can listen to these hour+ long podcasts within 2-3 days of being published. At least not normal people. Im only able to do it because I work from home and don't have a regular 9 to 5. Anyways thats a different topic.

    These are the three most recent episodes. Why are two of the magic words already expired?


  • People getting Hourly payouts of LTBCoin

    I don't mean to be nosy or anything but how does this happen?

    The person is getting like a million LTB coin every hour.

    But their balance is only 6 million.

    If you look down this list - even onto page 2 you'll see most people are getting LTBCoin payouts in intervals of 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Large payouts.

    How are they doing that?

  • Re: Another Magic Word Thread (sorry)

    Bitcoins N Gravy had two episodes and the same Magic word? Just want to confirm.

  • Re: Dogecoin, Moon Bound?

    Infrastructure (businesses accepting it as a form of payment) is what gives a currency longevity. Without it, absolutely none of the alt coins will survive beyond novelty status. Period.

    (my opinion)

    Edit: Exceptions to this rule are those coins which are part of business infrastructure or don't qualify as typical alt coins - LTBCoin isn't a "commerce" type coin. Mastercoin, counterparty, etc. Only referring to the alt coin world as we all know it.

  • Re: Problem on dogeparty

    Do the folks promoting DOGE realize that infrastructure is really the only thing that is going to give the currency any longevity? They can sponsor NASCAR cars and Jamaican Bobsled teams until they're blue in the face. If businesses aren't accepting it as a form of payment, they are just spinning their wheels. I was a hardcore Litecoin enthusiast until last week, when I finally accepted the fact that there is no infrastructure going up around Litecoin, and my money was better invested in Bitcoin entirely. I cashed in nearly 2,000 LTC and converted to BTC as a result. At this stage in the game, the only two "cryptos" with any real-world growth and infrastructure are Bitcoin and Ripple, who just signed two banks in the USA and already have banks overseas using their services.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Re: Another Magic Word Thread (sorry)

    Yeah we are on Day 4 now, so if its supposed to be 4 days ... it should be working. Time zone not an issue as it was at 5pm. Pretty sure I have the right word (it has four letters right?) ... and its not letting me input the word. @adam how do I get credit for it retroactively? 11pm now.

    Definitely episode 147. Not 148. The one about virtual reality @alul

  • Another Magic Word Thread (sorry)

    So i listened to the LTB Podcast #147 which just came out on the 23rd of September. Its now 2pm pacific time 4 days later (the 27th).

    The magic word is expired. On the Podcast it said "You have until the 27th". So I guess that means you have until the 26th at midnight? That's only 3 days. I swear the others allowed at least 4 solid days.

    Can someone clarify?

  • Re: Beyond Bitcoin Podcast not showing

    Strange. @adam is this by design or an oversight? the last episode I saw showing up in the podcast list itself was roughly around mid-August.

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