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  • Real Name: Ryan
  • LTBcoin Compatible Address: 1Bagze44h5y95gEhEnCvr6mhmYQodnQeXS
  • Location: Traveling the globe on bitcoin, destination unknown
  • Bio:

    Lurked since episode 3.

    My family and I have been traveling the world this year. We started in Indonesia and are now in Central America, about the cross the darien gap.

    We have been using bitcoin whenever possible, and taking pictures of any bitcoin logos we've spotted along the way.

  • Bitcoin Tipping Address (This is not your LTBCOIN address): 1Bagze44h5y95gEhEnCvr6mhmYQodnQeXS

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  • Re: Bitcoin image in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

    @adam Quick question. Does the proof of publication algo count/reward images used?

  • Re: Get stoned, pay in LTBcoin!

    @popinjay Very cool product. I would buy one if I was a homeowner...maybe if you're still around in a couple years I can buy one for a couple hundred ltbcoin :)

    Thanks popinjay! We're looking forward to that 200ltbc transaction in a couple years.

    @miner Interesting read and really want to see some pictures as it's the first crypto sale via LTBcoin.

    Hey miner, Us too, we're hoping Adam will post a pic of it installed & looking sexy in his home

    @trojantouch Those are amazing sinks. I can truly say i wasn't expecting them to look like that when i read the first post.

    Thanks trojantouch!

    @c0d3m4st4 Wow.... you make awesome sinks/tubs! :O

    Appreciate that c0d3m4st4!

  • Re: Get stoned, pay in LTBcoin!

    @coinfire Wanna chat with me on Coin Fire about your tubs? It is an interesting item to be selling for crypto ;)

    Let's do it! Thanks!

  • Re: Get stoned, pay in LTBcoin!

    @mich All of these are beautiful. Seriously incredible work. The petrified wood ones are so cool. Also that free standing sink.

    Thanks Mich! That freestanding unit is 500+ lbs... she's a beast.

  • Re: Get stoned, pay in LTBcoin!

    Hi Adam, No need to adjust the price. A deals a deal!

    I've been looking to break the ice by selling our stones for crypto for a while now, we listed our tubs on BitPremier a year ago but havent had any takers yet. I was beginning to lose hope in Bitcoiner's desire to pimp their homes.

    Maybe we should add USB ports & laptop docks to our tubs.

    We will consider this our first "crypto sale", one to be framed & hung on our office wall.

    If you like the unit, tell a friend, better yet, tell 100.

  • Re: Get stoned, pay in LTBcoin!

    You're very welcome. I will most likely hold the LTBcoin and use it for sponsorships in the future.

  • Re: Get stoned, pay in LTBcoin!

    Actually all the listings on Etsy do include shipping within the lower 48.

    The unit will ship from Washington, and it will likely weigh close to 100lbs once crated.

    Hope you and your wife enjoy it for many decades to come.

    I have deactivated the listing and will email Krystal now.

  • Re: Get stoned, pay in LTBcoin!

    I suppose I'd convert with an old fashion knee jerk guess & having fun in mind.

    With this in mind I would let that particular sink go for say 88,888 LTBcoin.

  • Get stoned, pay in LTBcoin!

    I'ld like to throw my hat in the ring and offer our unique handmade stone vessels (sinks/tub) for LTBcoin.

    An array of our sinks can be found here on etsy.

    Need something bigger? How about a boulder tub.

  • Re: Pizza for LTBCoin

    IvanB, If the offer still stands, I'ld love to buy a pizza with ltbcoin. I'm not in the states, but I would like to have it sent to a friend's workplace. You game?

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