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  • Re: LTB iOS app

    I'm going to add my thoughts about the iOS app to this thread.. I'm on a 5S. I love the app too, but don't use it as much as I'd like to because of 2 things.

    -It logs me out after a few days of inactivity. No other app does this. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but it's a deal breaker. My password isn't easy or fun to type out all the time. By logging me out, it disincentivizes me from using magic words and from there getting more involved in the community.

    -There is no 30s rewind like other audio-playing apps have. At double speed, I often need to rewind. Without that function, I can't listen to the podcasts from within the app, further keeping me away from the app and the community that the app is supposed to bring.

    The app is wonderful, though, especially having the comments and forum at your fingertips. Whoever's working on it, you've done a great job. Keep it up.

  • Re: BitcoinTalk Hacked

    Other alternatives, or adjuncts, would be LastPass and 1Password. They remember all your passwords for you and create random ones on the fly.
    They work as apps and in-browser extensions, and you can back up their data to usb drives.
    Steve Gibson uses Lastpass, I believe, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Pretty sure he at least recommends them.

  • Help with Proof of Work vs Proof of Steak*?

    Though my understanding of POS is not very technical, it's been starting to warm up on me (cool me down?). After all, why would banks and governments want to lose money minting their own money?
    Someone posted Gavin Andresen's Devcore devcore talk on youtube the other day and I'd love it if someone could explain to me what he's getting at there. Is he hinting at something technical or intuitive?
    POW is intuitive in that it just makes sense that the person running down the hall faster than everyone else gets to pass their note along. Heck, we could prove who ran the fastest down the hallway and got there first. There is proof. That's the gist I got from him, but no more. Anyone got something more detailed on why POS isn't theoretically sound?

    If you'd rather read his words...

    if you think about it, I wonder if there are other uses for old, unspent bitcoins. I think this is an area that’s pretty much unexplored. We might be able to leverage them for more denial of service attack prevention on the bitcoin network. you could imagine before you’re able to join the network, you have to prove that you have some unspent bitcoins. You don’t have to spend them, you just have to prove that they’re kind of sitting there, kind of as a security deposit, um, the proof of stake folks think it might be a good idea to use this as ah, for determining the best chain, to get consensus on kind of what the ledger history is. so far, we’re pretty sure that’s a really bad idea, and when i say we, i mean the people who hang out in the bitcoinwizards irc chat channel.
    it looks like theoretically, as long as everything’s on the chain and you’re looking at chain history to determine what should be the best chain, bad things will happen. umm, we have a really good anchor in bitcoin with our proof of work, which proves that some real-world thing happened.. umm.. and which gives you a real world cost that kind of gets injected into the system, magically, via this proof of work, um, ….. if you think about identity, ..

    *The steak was Clickbait

  • Re: Is there such a thing as a MULTICOIN wallet?

    Exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks a lot. Looks great.
    Holytransaction looks like it's an online wallet, though. Any updates you guys have heard of?

  • Re: what your prediction price 1BTC in end year december 2014

    Bitcoin inflation is still at 10% or so. At $500, that's 3.6$million a day created. If I were a serious investor, though, I'd still worry that 1500 addresses own over 5 million coins, or about quarter of all bitcoin that will ever be made. If those early adopters ever really cash out (or even, let's say, slowly give away their coins to charity) then the inflation rate will artificially inflate, over time (if they do it right) or crash the price at some point in time. One possibility I see would be them spending them to some unspendable address, and burning the coins, but it's really not. I could imagine satoshi and a bunch of the original creators giving their coins away to charity for the sake of the world (perhaps their anonymity too), but if bitcoin really hits something like 10,000 with enough liquidity to have a more stabile price, (and it might take something like russia and iran trading oil in bitcoin to do that), then i see it as too tempting for early adopters not to spend their money the way they want to.
    tldr--> early adopters own 1/4 of all bitcoins that will ever created and can basically print bitcoins like people do money. even just the knowledge of that might keep the price down. that aside kids, I say price dips to 200 by november, and, well, hell, 2000 by january 1

  • Re: iTunes Podcast Feed

    Someone fixed it. Thanks, mysterious fixer.

  • iTunes Podcast Feed

    This could be the wrong spot but..

    OS 10.9.4, iTunes 11.31 on MBP

    Since my iphone was stolen, I've not been able to update podcasts regularly on iTunes. Sometimes it'll show a new episode, but most of the time nothing shows up for Lets Talk Bitcoin. All of my other podcasts are regularly updating and downloading. LTB isn't even showing up. When I search for LTB, unlike other podcasts, I can see three pretty little faces in the cd cover artwork, but no episodes when searching (unlike any other podcast where I can see all of the episodes).

    Anybody have any ideas what's going on? DLing from soundcloud on my browser stinks.

  • Re: Looking for a good BTC ATM?

    On the subject of BTC ATM's, does anyone know the deal with Skyhook?

  • Re: Ether crowd sale - who's in?

    I'm in for a little. Experiment. Any polls out there?

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