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  • Real Name: Paul Browning
  • LTBcoin Compatible Address: 1A1gk2a2AR9NWnyCgLYEq2LTScZ2pAR1ts
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  • Trying to Swap out LTBcoin for PO.ET

    Hi Adam. I sent in my LTBCoin for coins. Can you verify my transaction? it went through, but took a while; so just wanted to make sure that the receive page didn't time out. Thanks! Payment was valid from: 1A1gk2a2AR9NWnyCgLYEq2LTScZ2pAR1ts

  • Buy Wall for LTBc @ Poloniex (if you are a trader)

    I've noticed a couple of comments about the LTBc price getting low. I'm a holder with what I earn, but also trade sometimes. I "bet" the price of LTBc can go up if we participate in some trading. I trade on Poloniex, but would like to see LTBc added to Shapeshift. For me, trading is just placing some buy orders and waiting. I'm not the type to day trade minute by minute.

    I mostly guess the price's of alt currency's by the amount of development, and uptick of users. Right now I think that LTBc "can go a heck of a lot higher" -The Wolf of Wall Street

    This is NOT financial advice, but just wanted to see if other people were thinking about this.

  • Re: the price is interesting on poloniex

    Was watching the LTBc plummet also! I've kept all the LTBc that I get here for my participation, and have not sold any.

    I've bought and sold on Poloniex to try to make a couple of bucks, but am mostly trying to accumulate more LTBc by buying low and selling high. I guess that I'm helping with price discovery, (you might think otherwise) and will not sell below 100 Satoshi's.

    The price is about $60,000 USD, or about 200 BTC. I think the price should be worth more to advertisers alone; not to mention that amount of listeners, and growing participation that it going on here.

    As a second note, most of us here have a few BTC, and would not need to sell a million LTBc just to get by; but I don't know the circumstances. I am defiantly looking at this as a opportunity to buy and hold as I have done with BTC. I read occasionally here, but listen to almost all the podcasts. I don't really need the LTBc now, but like hold a stash as my involvement here may change in the future, and I like to be prepared.

    Thanks for all the Podcasts, and Great Articles LTB Team!

  • Re: How do you listen to LTB podcasts?


    @biggiebitcoin Are there any options for faster playback for stitcher, soundcloud, or youtube? I'll research this, but wanted your opinion what works best. ( I don't have an iphone)

    Stitcher has playback speeds, at least on the iOS app. I clicked the two bars in the lower left, then a row popped up along the bottom. The middle of the new row says "1X" - click it and it will change to a different speed.

    I also think most dedicated Podcast apps allow for controlling the speed of playback. I don't know if there are any ways to control speed that way for playing directly from YouTube or Soundcloud.

    Thanks for getting back to me. Stitcher for android doesn't have that feature yet. I feel like I could get so much more done if I could speed up the podcast by 1.25 X - 2 X (for familiar content).

    My hunt continues!

  • Re: How do you listen to LTB podcasts?

    @mandrake Advice, if you want to be time efficient and have an IPhone:

    Search ITunes store and subscribe to the LTB podcast and setup your subscription so that new podcasts are downloaded automatically when you connect your IPhone to your computer. Now, when you play the LTB episodes using the IPhone Podcasts App you have the possibility to set the speed of the podcast to 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x or 2x. What is really nice with these options are that the voices are preserved, i.e. if selecting the 2x option, then about half of the bits are removed from the stream, but this is still enough to hear what people are saying.

    This is perfect because some episodes you would like to play fast and other slow, for example:

    1. Some LTB podcast talkers speak very slowly (no names) and then the speed 1.5x or 2x is perfect.
    2. Some LTB podcast talkers speak very quickly (no names) and then perhaps 1x or 1.5x is good
    3. Some topics covered in the podcasts happens to be very well known by you so you increase the speed to 2x
    4. Some topics covered in the podcasts happens to be very interesting and new to new and you really would like to understand it better, so you keep the speed at 1x (original speed)
    5. You have a problem hearing the magic word since the podcaster pronounce it in a bad way or you are perhaps not so good in the english language, in this case it is perfect to slow down the speed to 0.5x

    Hope this helps.

    I guess the option with different speeds is also available on other Mobile phones and perhaps also on the LTB Mobile App.

    Are there any options for faster playback for stitcher, soundcloud, or youtube? I'll research this, but wanted your opinion what works best. ( I don't have an iphone)

  • Re: How do you listen to LTB podcasts?

    I usually listen through stitcher. I'm always on the road, and it keeps track of my progress if I have to take a break. They have been good about updating the podcast's via stitcher.

    I also listen through here, if I'm at home; and once and a while through youtube.

  • Re: [spam]

    I was hoping that FLDC (folding coin) created a new supplement!

  • Re: BitHashMiner 10TH/s Bitcoin Miner

    This is a scam!

    Feel free to prove me wrong.

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