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  • Re: No LTB Episode (Delayed a week)

    Great news

  • What does anyone think of Steemit?

    If you don't know or haven't heard about Steemit, here are a few links to get you updated.




    All things considered, it looks like a pretty interesting concept, but I'm guessing everyone including myself has lost trust in steemit since the hack - but from what I've read it looks to be much like reddit's concept of gold for tipping. Any thoughts?

  • Re: Have you ever had a Lucid Dream?

    I've lucid dreamed quite a few times but it usually only happens in crazy nightmares - whenever its not some sort of crazy nightmare, I don't realise its really a dream.

  • Re: Android or iOS

    android, has all the wallets and coinomi, don't know if iphone has that though, but google playstore just has more options.

  • Re: what ur favorite food

    Hmmm... I don't know, would probably just like some junk food.

    Fusili Pasta, (the corkscrew ones) mixed in with macaroni and cheese, topped off with mashed potato and gravy. Really nice for the first few times eating out - but trust me, once you start eating it as part of your staple university diet in order to get away from eating the instant noodles, the magic is gone.

    Thank fully though those years have passed me and I am not eating it all the time now. I've moved on to eating basmati rice and butter chicken :)

  • Re: Did you receive FLDC on CounterWallet? FoldingCoin

    Wow I visited the website and it seems pretty interesting, haven't got any coins yet but just curious, once this foldingcoin thing gains some sort of worth - will we be able to simply donate these coins, or trade them on the market?

  • Re: Multi wallet for most cryptos

    Just wanted to comment on QionPro, after doing some research and careful investigation into how exactly they work - I don't think its really supposed to be used as a bank, or a faucet I think, its more like a strange investment system where users earn 'credits', the first time you sign up and provide your email address and the likes, they hand you 0.00000250 btc or 250 satoshi.

    After this you earn 'credits', which are only in two ways -

    1. For each sms you send to the company, which also happens to cost you 1 EUR you get 10 credits.
    2. Referrals which even at most - 2500 referrals only really earn you 40 percent more for your daily bonuses

    These credits can then be used to unlock more of the altcoin wallets (which really have no value, or at least so far) - or multiply the rate at which you earn 'interest' for those coins in the wallets your account holds.

    This may sound like a simple and easy way to make a quick dollar, or even store your coins, BUT, and this is a big but, unless you manage to get an army of people behind you ready to sign up, or spend a minute every day texting them, then you probably won't earn much.

    Also looking at the way this website is advertised and portrays itself, it seems to be marketed towards more of an 'opportunistic' sort of internet marketing crowd, either that or its a ponzi scheme of some sort.

  • Re: Just a quick question on crypto

    @pooktwo Yeah that second to last point really got me thinking. Really interesting ideas you've got there.

  • Re: Windows or MacOS X or Linux?

    yeah ill have to agree with you, the whole learning to the cmd line thing was just the brick wall for me, there was no way I was going to learn a whole new language just to learn how to use a... tech... The learning curve is just too crazy.

  • Re: Just a quick question on crypto

    But I feel like once it becomes widely adopted, for one reason or another, it will no longer be as much of an asset of trade to hold, such as it is now... Considering that so far the only reason to hold on to it right now is to sell it off later. I think it will kill off the whole gambling element of the thing and just turn it all into another currency.

    The other thing that I was wondering was whether the drop in mining, that will eventually come once the network has reached the max number of coins could lead to a possible 51% attack - considering the number of cloud mining groups that have fallen apart from not paying their power bills.

    Lets just say everybody has started to switch to btc which leads to a huge increase in the number of mining pools working to keep up with the demand. But eventually the profit will start to lower though as the mining reward drops, then btc reaches its max number of coins and the miners which usually used to earn a lot more suddenly have to only earn a few btc per transaction - at which point btc worth either spikes and continues to be driven up and miners stay or the miners drop their btc leading to a massive sale of btc and now defunct mining asics.

    If only 1 or 2 of the last remaining great big mining pools stay intact they would have to hold more than 50 percent of the transactions alone.

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