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  • Re: [WTB] Empty BTC, LTC and DOGE addresses that were in use on May 12, 2014

    @cc5alive I think the broader point that Adam was asking about is why you need the private keys at all.

    The answer is that CLAMS had an initial distribution to holders of BTC, DOGE, and LTC. They did a snapshot at a certain time a la the BitShares-PTS model and if you held any of those currencies with a non-dust balance at the time of the snapshot, then you would receive some CLAMS.

    If you move your coins to a new address, then you can safely test importing your old private keys into the client.

    I have done this myself with balances in all three of these coins and can verify that it does work. I also immediately sold them on an exchange because I don't really believe the CLAM project adds any new value to the crypto space.

    This ^.

    Good places to sell are,,, and a few other smallish exchanges.

    Thank you for your post.

  • Re: [WTB] Empty BTC, LTC and DOGE addresses that were in use on May 12, 2014

    @adam What exactly are you doing with used, empty addresses whose private keys you don't have exclusive control of?

    We run them through the "CLAM CLIENT" (

    All Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin addresses share the same private keys. A good example of how addresses have "sister keys" would be

    Even though I'm telling you that we do not save the private keys. You should still treat it as if we do. Same goes with us and the "CLIENTS" relationship. I know a site owner who prior to dealing with CLAMS left a 50 BTC block trusting the client and had no issues.

    Toss as much of that "trust" stuff out of the window when dealing with crypto IMO.

    We will NEVER use the addresses in order to spam the Bitcoin network as seen here recently: (cause we can't for one!)

  • Re: [WTB] Empty BTC, LTC and DOGE addresses that were in use on May 12, 2014

    May not have posted this in the correct place. My bad :).

  • [WTB] Empty BTC, LTC and DOGE addresses that were in use on May 12, 2014

    We are still hunting for 3,113,824 empty Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin addresses! (updated 9/21/2015)

    Please remember to empty / retire your BTC, LTC, and/or DOGE addresses prior to digging or selling your private keys.


    All Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or Dogecoin addresses that held over a dust amount of coins on May 12, 2014 received 4.60545574 CLAM each, regardless of the size of the wallet.

    When you arrive on the home page, you will see a space at the very top of the screen where you can enter your BTC, LTC, and/or DOGE address and a 1990's pop up will let you know: Yay or Nay.

    If the address contains CLAMS on it you will then be forwarded to the /dig page, then you can choose one of our three options.

    You will then be forwarded to a page where you can complete your transation and the address where you would like your coins to be sent.

    Easy as that!


    1.  Does save my private key?  No. We do not save any records in regards to your private key(s), although you should treat it as if we do, always better safe than sorry.

    2.  Can I check or dig more than one address at a time?  Not at this time.  If you have a significant number of addresses, we are happy to assist you with digging at no additional cost. Send me a list of your empty addresses/keys and we will handle it from there!  (Please PM me for my PGP Key or use

    3.  I have a ton of addresses that contain CLAMS and not much time?  Can you help me?  As stated in FAQ #2 we will assist with any number of addresses to be dug for absolutely no additional costs. What you need to do is provide us with the keys, your choice in our dig options and your payout address!  We will handle it from there and processes your order in a timely fashion.

    4.  Can I dig an address without emptying it first?  Yes. However, we strongly recommend emptying your addresses prior to digging or selling your CLAMS to us.  We do not look to see if your wallet is empty or full.

    5.  If I don't move my coins... will you guys mess with them?  No. We strongly urge you to empty the addresses and leave them empty forever (You should still save them).

    6.  Should I delete my "compromised" keys?  No.  Always save your keys.  This is the recommendation of Satoshi and FAQ #5.

    How To Find Your Private Keys

       Bitcoin QT Guide:

    To export a private key from your Satoshi bitcoin-qt client:

    1.  Launch your bitcoin client as usual and wait for it to load the blockchain and start up
    2.  Click on 'help' in the menu bar (top right)
    3.  Click on 'debug window'
    4.  Select the 'console' tab
    5.  Type: walletpassphrase "your walletpassphrase here" 600
    6.  Type: dumpprivkey [your public key here]
    7.  This will return the private key, you can copy it now; ensure you clear your clipboard/history afterwards
    8.  type: walletlock


       Multibit Guide:

       MultiDoge Guide:

       Litecoin Guide: Guide:

    1. Login to
    2. Click 'Import/Export' link in the second header
    3. Click 'I Understand' to the advanced warning
    4. On the left side menu click 'Export unencrypted'
    5. Enter your secondary password
    6. Select the 'Private Key Format' of 'Bitcoin-QT Format'
    7. Insert your information into our website along with your CLAM address.


    Becoming an affiliate is easy and we pay you roughly 6 minutes after bringing a costumer!

    We require no account, no personal information or approval in order to start earning with us for bringing costumer's to our site to earn! All you need to have is a Bitcoin address or a Clamcoin address in order to start.

    Once you have your address to where you would like your payment to be sent to, it is as simple as this:


    If you choose Bitcoin as your payment, you will be paid 0.002 BTC after each transaction has 6 confirmations on it.

    If you choose CLAM as your payment you will be paid 0.1 CLAM after each transaction has 6 confirmations on it.

    Once a person clicks your affiliate link they are "your affiliate" until they:  

    1.  Click on a different affiliate link
    2.  Clear their cookies or do not store their cookies.
    3.  If your affiliate link time expires.  We currently have this set to 900,000 seconds.

    Affiliates Examples:

    Please keep in mind these are only examples!  (Eric Snowden donation address)

    With the example above a payment of 0.002 BTC would be sent to each time someone digs or sells one of their addresses through ClamChecker.

    With the example above we would keep your payment because  "?address=" isn't needed.  The proper way to link this affiliate above is shown bellow:

    Affiliates Rules

    Um... what kind of Internet Pirates have rules!?!  If we see something that makes us "LOL" or is just classic, you can expect additional tips :D.  Be creative...

    Good luck


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