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  • Re: Dear artists, Conduitrium needs you...

    @deadnettlez Great!


  • Re: Dear artists, Conduitrium needs you...

    @optictopic Have you set up the private forums yet?

    Yes. You can find them here:

    Thank you for asking, i had no idea my links were broken.



    Circuitree is a multi-purpose token...

    It is the interim primary currency of Creature Conduit Sanctuary, a permaculture village for artists that will be nestled in the heart of a 400-hectare food forest. Some quick highlights of the village: art; climate-controlled aquaponics greenhouses; hugelkultur; natural energy; rainwater collection/filtration/sanitation; monolithic domes; crypto-technology; compassion; cooperation; consensus...

    Circuitree is also the rewards token for the artists that help produce Conduitrium, the web-comic and animated series that will follow the residents of a fictional version of Creature Conduit Sanctuary. Additionally, it will be used in a manner similar to, and directly inspired by, LTBcoin... where people will be rewarded for reading the comic and watching the animated series. Anyone possessing a certain amount of Circuitree will also be able to vote on which scenes from the comic make it into the animated series.

    More information about Creature Conduit Sanctuary, Conduitrium, and Circuitree at

    For the record... I also created a Counterparty form of Circuitree, but mostly for the sake of broader access. The Dogeparty form of Circuitree will likely be used more often due to its significantly cheaper fees.

    Thank you for reading. :)


  • Dear artists, Conduitrium needs you...

    Dear artists... Conduitrium needs you...


    Conduitrium is a fictional permaculture art village, nestled in the heart of a thousand-acre food forest. Conduitrium is also the title of the story that observes the experiences of those that come in contact with this village-- as it tends to leave an unexpected lasting effect...

    This is where you're needed... It is so important that each character be well-developed, active, and unique, that it's been decided that each character will have its own writer (kinda like improv or a role playing game).

    The writing will be done on private forums... The resulting text will be turned into a comic... And scenes from the comic will be turned into an animated series.

    For now, we need about twenty writers and at least one 2D character illustrator... We'll also need theme music and voice actors, but there's no rush on this part... for now. Fortunately, we already have an animator. :)

    In exchange for your help, you will receive Circuitree... A cyptocurrency utilising the Counterparty and Dogeparty protocols... which will eventually be accepted at the real-life version of this village ("eventually" being once the real-life version of the village is fully operational).

    Some quick features of the villages: art... every art... everywhere; climate-controlled aquaponics greenhouses; food forest; hugelkultur; natural energy; rainwater collection/filtration/sanitation; graywater plumbing; monolithic domes; cryptocurrency; compassion; cooperation; consensus...

    For more details on the village (both real and fictional), and how the production of the story will work, visit

    To go directly to how the production of the story will work,

    Note: Creature Conduit Sanctuary is the name of the real-life version of the village, on which Conduitrium (the fictional village) is based, so the details for Conduitrium are identical to the details displayed for Creature Conduit Sanctuary.

    Thank you for reading. :)


  • Re: We need your vote

    @agnuskupper Cool, i will vote for ltbc there, i do not really like counterparty wallet, they drain me of my profits.

    this is why i'm seriously considering dogeparty for my own assets...

    anyway, voted! :D

  • Re: Magic word a bit ridiculous??

    @btcdroid I guessed so many times at this magic word that the LTB software made me take a break! It actually gave me a "You have to wait a while before guessing again" type of message. I did finally get the magic word(s). I think the idea of having the magic word be a hint is good, but this particular execution was a little clumsy. Paul Boyer on "Mad Money Machine" did a similar thing, where he told you how to find the magic word in the sponsor message segment. That is a much better approach.

    It's probably easy for some people (not me!) to jump to the end of the podcast to hear Adam say the magic word, or just scrub through the audio and listen for Adam's voice to find the magic word. Adam could defeat this tactic by having the interviewee say the magic word, but I think his magic word audio is added after the interview, during the citing phase.

    I still think the magic word is a fun aspect to LTB.

    you weren't alone...

    i got the "Too many wrong tries! Please come back in a while and try again." message too lol

  • Re: Favorite TV Show

    Doctor Who

  • Re: how tough should the magic words be?

    @legendface66 This is a service provided for free returning no remuneration whatsoever. It cost me in equipment and takes about ten hours of research and prod per episode. Yes it's a proud labor of love but I'm not going to congratulate anyone for listening, that sends the wrong message. This is not about the numbers, no one is doing me a favor by listening.

    You are indeed doing a great job for someone with little to no experience. Follow your excitement... it'll lead you straight to whatever you need. ;)

    i must ask though, what is an audio show without listeners? It's like a tv show without viewers... Sure, the content is there... and it could be immensely valuable... but if no one sees it, what does it do?

    That said, if listening is not doing you any favours, perhaps you could request a few favours you do need. If you need to recoup expenses, that's completely understandable. People that enjoy the show, that are in a position to help, would probably be happy to do so. Perhaps a Beyond Bitcoin token could be a thing. i'd buy some. :)

    This is a great participation scheme but I feel that rewarding people just for listening has the effect of instilling a sense of entitlement in an audience that should be moved to act, not rest on it's laurels.

    This inspires another question: How far can a project go without early adopters? There will always be those people that feel entitled at some point... it is an unfortunate result of various societal cultures. i feel like it sometimes stems from a fear of lack, but i digress. The climate will always be diverse, elements will exist to identify character... test determination... challenge beliefs... this is one way humans serve each other without even realising... it is the way of nature. That is to say, every toll and every cheater serves their purpose... if nothing else, they show you how much you care about, and how far you will go to protect, that which you seek to protect. In their own way, they are teachers... for they often cause you to learn something about yourself. ;)

    What's funny is that this rewards program kinda remind me of how bitcoin mining played out. The content creators and the audience that consumes said content are the early miners, the earlier adopters (without whom we probably wouldn't be having this conversation): The audience being those mining on basic personal computers, or buying pizza and socks.... The content creators being those with more advanced hardware and/or expertise... Then come the meaningless-short-posts and skip-to-the-magic-word-listeners... the asics. It feels like cheating... but there's not really a rule that says they can't do that (i say they're just robbing themselves of listening to good shows)... We haven't gotten to the stage in the analogy where it's too big for magic words just yet...

    But if even half of those metaphorical asics are getting into bitcoin for the first time just because they found out they could get some free ltbcoin for listening to a podcast and posting on some forums... then ltbcoin just got a bunch of people to get into bitcoin! Well done. :D

  • Re: Found a cryptic message on a Bitcoin magazine article... What do you think it means?

    some talk on it here...

    apparently, it's a quote from the 1951 Alice and Wonderland film... more on that in this specific post:

  • Re: Found a cryptic message on a Bitcoin magazine article... What do you think it means?


    What does this mean?

    -=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]-=[If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be, it would. Take a W@@@lk with me. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? 1follow me]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[x]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=-=[ ]=- =[x]=-=[ ]=-=[-]=-=[3]=-=[4]=-=[7]=-=[

    the prose alone is intriguing... "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't."

    by reading the pronoun 'I', i subconsciously considered these words from my own perspective... the first sentence on it's own implies things make sense now... To me, most things do not. but pair the first sentence with the second and it sounds paradoxical... "Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't." would then mean that everything would be sense, as opposed to nonsense.

    this however, sent me for a loop, "And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be, it would." okay... contrary wise... so, contrary to that... "that" being everything being sense? (since nonsense becomes sense when everything is now what it isn't)... so... what is [sense], it wouldn't be [sense], it would [sense]... so whatever ("everything") is sense wouldn't be sense, it would sense... everything would sense... sense what?

    "Take a W@@@lk with me. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? 1follow me"

    "And what it wouldn't be, it would." would sense? "You see?" would see? the sense is sight?

    is there something to see when taking a "W@@@lk" with "me"? "1follow me" hmmm...

    the '@@@' and capital 'W' in "Take a W@@@lk with me." feel like a clues...

    the placement of the X's amongst the brackets feel like clues...

    "[-]=-=[3]=-=[4]=-=[7]=-=[" feels like a clue or part of the answer... and it ending with an open bracket could mean there's more...

    that's all i got from first impressions... i'm now thoroughly puzzled

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