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  • Re: I'm Moderating 2 Panels on Wednesday at the Future of Digital Currency Conference on Wednesday, Help me with good questions!

    Just listened to the episode. My question was indeed an awkward one and you handled it well. Thank you adam.

  • Re: I'm Moderating 2 Panels on Wednesday at the Future of Digital Currency Conference on Wednesday, Help me with good questions!

    Thank you @adam, I didn't expect a response so soon.

    The postal service is an interesting application, however Andreas did warn us (in Episode #258 I think) of the risks involved in applying the blockchain to anything. Citing the example of Tunisia adopting the blockchain for their postal service, as new systems can often be seen as a scapegoat to more deeply rooted problems (particularly in developing countries).

    I'm still trying to work out how the public blockchain fits in an organic and distributed manner. So far I can only see dropzone making headway in this space (although it doesn't scale internationally). It's a complicated problem as even barcodes lack an international standard, even with the GS1 group pushing a standard for decades now. Ultimately I can see that there is more benefit for computers to talk to computers when transporting items more so than when humans are involved.

    I was thinking. Should I compile my research into a blogpost here on LTB to dump my thoughts?

  • Re: I'm Moderating 2 Panels on Wednesday at the Future of Digital Currency Conference on Wednesday, Help me with good questions!

    @adam a question for when you get back in December:

    I'm tracking Provenance as a supply chain solution but did any of your panels discuss how the bitcoin (public blockchain) trumps a private blockchain in this space?

  • Re: I'm Moderating 2 Panels on Wednesday at the Future of Digital Currency Conference on Wednesday, Help me with good questions!

    I'm looking forward to hearing it @adam, will someone be recording it to youtube?

    As a precursor to my doctoral research in global supply chain management I would selfishly be interested in how these new platforms could realistically impact logistics. Historically, emerging technology takes at least 10-20 years to integrate into the business of supply chain management and only the practical solutions that act as a platform for the existing environment tend to survive.

    Therefore I'll take up your offer and let you decide to ask any questions from below, which I may add into an academic journal submission to Ledger (ordered from the most ignorant of possibilities to the most specific of technical questions in the field):

    So in terms of Logistics and the Bitcoin Blockchain:

    • How can Bitcoin improve sending an item from point A-B?
    • Is it more important for Bitcoin to be a reserve currency for international trade or an application layer that represents the hashed value transfer of transported items?
    • What is the benefit to international trade if cached or stored on a private ledger then hashed to the bitcoin blockchain?
    • If a package is given an identity for logistics purposes, should that information or its transactions touch the Bitcoin blockchain or a sidechain/private blockchain?
    • Can the value transfer system of Bitcoin help to disrupt the postal/courier system like the sharing economy has done for accomodation (airbnb) and transport (uber/lyft/LaZooz)?
  • Re: How did the Bitcoin Foundation Fail?

    I appreciate your candor @BruceFenton and the time you've spent in responding to my click-bait. In sifting the noise from the community it has become clear that the foundation still has a place in the bitcoin community, which you are actively working towards. Your reputation demonstrates that historically you can and will implement your proposals.

    The development community still requires a lot of assistance in communicating together (which the Foundation is a part of in DevCore) as well as bridging relationships with organisations that have similar problems as the scaling bitcoin conference workshops found (such as with the Linux Foundation or Content Delivery Network).

  • Re: How did the Bitcoin Foundation Fail?

    Thanks for replying @davidareallen it appears that they still have an active role in the community, if not with scaling bitcoin. However, I'm not sure how to get signin access to view all the forums, does it still require a bitcoin donation towards membership? Is there transparency of a current risk management model or strategic management plan?

    Currently their transparency page appears to be broken and a lot of their site is out of date.

  • How did the Bitcoin Foundation Fail?

    As part of my final case study for a Masters in Business (Strategic Management) I needed to choose an organisation that has suffered a recent corporate crisis and the Bitcoin Foundation came to mind.

    There is minimal information available on their website now and Bruce is a bit too busy to answer my email so I have come to ask the following here in case someone can help me out. I have some ideas but would love to get other people's opinion who knew them better.

    • What was their recent corporate crisis?
    • What has been the impact for their organisational structure and strategic control?
    • What were the immediate, mid term and longer term impacts?
    • What has been the organisations ability to deal with the crisis?
  • Re: LTB Redesign and Upcoming Changes

    looking great guys!

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