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    Sweet! I have episode 2 recorded and sync'd but not edited, will send you a dropbox link.


    Hey there, I've moved into my new studio space which is set up to capture hd video against a green screen, and the first project i'm undertaking is called "Reading Books Early In The Morning with Adam B. Levine"

    You can see the first one here

    I'm considering moving to two camera angles so the edits won't be as obvious (possibly one above me looking at the pages and the top of my head or something)

    I'm looking for a video editor who can take raw HD footage and audio (packaged as h.264 and .mp3 via dropbox), sync them, handle the greenscreen replacement (chromakey), color correct and optimize footage, apply titles and intro segments (you'll be provided with copy for the titles and actual graphics).

    Once it's finished you'll write shownotes and put them in a .txt, upload the video and notes in a different dropbox and the person running our Youtube channel will handle the posting.

    I'm thinking one or two episodes per week to start, I'm willing to give 50% of the LTBcoin earned to the editor who handles the given episode. If I can just record, process, upload and be done than I can create a lot more content and I'd like to see how this will work

    This is probably the best paying volunteer gig I've offerred so far ;) Looking forward to applicants

  • Re: 50 million NXT stolen from Bter

    We talked about this on todays recording session, and i'm editing it now for tomorrows show.

  • Re: Thanks Adam!

    @rob @Hesham_3del

    I almosed added that I forgive Adam for seeming MIA in terms of a lot of LTB stuff the past couple of days. But I know he's focused on big-picture stuff (new platforms, new studios, etc.), and he's spread too thin. Hoping he'll find ways to delegate more small stuff!

    "in his team" is the core problem, we don't really have much of a team. LTBn is a Distributed Autonomous Media Network so pretty much I do my stuff, other people do their stuff, it all comes together here. Not a ton of structure, which is both good and bad.

    That said, you suggested a "helper" usergroup category and I actually am going to do you one better by creating a new user area when we do the reorganization of the forums in the near future.

    But as Rob said, don't wait for me.

  • Re: Thanks Adam!


    @shopnhowler Awesome @Rob!

    Want to explain what robcoins will be used for? Sorry if you posted it somewhere else, but a link would be just as useful if so.

    You're giving me too much credit for thinking I have a clue! The only tokens I actually have a plan for are the keychain tokens.

    You can either create one token (ROBCOIN or PAPERCLIPROBOT) or something and say "10 = keychain, 100 = hour of design work" with as many things as you want or you can make a token for each one.


    @kylerk Still haven't quite answer my question yet, just trying to understand the process.

    Suppose I wanted to make an auction for kylerKoin. I would have to do the following steps.

    -1. Go on and create a new User Created Asset called kylerKoin.

    -2. Go to create the auction.

    -3. I haven't seen this part, but there must be a step where I send kylerKoin from my into the auction as a sort of escrow? It isn't apparent on the "Create Auction" page.

    -4. The auction happens and the kylerKoins get auto sent to the winner, and their payment gets auto sent to me.

    Any steps I am missing?


    Thats it. Now, why would someone buy Kylerkoins? The other parts are as easy as you described but giving people a good reason to acquire them might be more difficult

    For step 3, once you create your auction you are prompted to send the required tokens to start the auction.

  • Re: Copyright issues - how to control?

    Everything we release is under creative commons although much of it has a Non-Commercial "string" attached to it in case we want to do syndication on non-net mediums

    But generally speaking I agree with you, and we do everything under creative commons to allow the sharing and credited re-use of our work as broadly as possible.

  • ANY QUESTIONS? FRIDAY RECORDING: Andreas, Stephanie, Adam + Anthony Di Iorio on Ethereum

    Hey everybody This will be our last full host recording of the summer, in about two hours we're recording two shows worth of material

    The first hour is just Stephanie, Andreas and I. We might talk about LTBCOIN, but other than that any suggestions/requests?

    For the second hour, Anthony Di Iorio will be joining the three of us for a discussion about Ethereum

    Any questions? You'll get a shoutout on the episode if we use your question.

  • Re: Reading Books Early In The Morning with Adam B. Levine

    @blaik I like your new show. What a schedule for it?

    When I have time :) I have recorded the next episode (bout 10 minutes) and started editing but keep getting distracted lol.

  • Re: LTB / Tokenly Platform Updates

    @wildjo @cryptonaut one issue with the new token system is that you need to be verified in order to see token balances here. Verification requires .0005 BTC. Don't yet have that in this particular account.

    My question is:

    Until my account is verified, will that affect my ability to receive tokens? Has the change to verified also altered who can receive tokens?

    Edit: spelling

    You need to be verified to see VERIFIED token balances. This does not impact your ability to recieve coins at all, it only impacts whether we count them for our Token Controlled Viewpoint system, which is releasing soon.

    So this does not impact ANYTHING you are currently doing, you only need to verify your addresses when/if you want to use the new access system.

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