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  • Re: ☢ The Voiden Blockchain Exploit (Double Your BTC) {Leaked 15/01/16} ☢

    That's right folks, step right up to the magic wishing well that gets so angry when you throw money into it, it throws even more money back at you!

    This type of hole in the ground is the sort of thing that works until it gets popular and then suddenly it runs out, because in reality it's a scam and the "doubling" that happens for early takers is the bait.

    No proof of that, just has that same old easy money stink about it. If you're still interested in throwing in your money, you're welcome to track down the address other places on the internet.

  • Re: Anyone know what MTMPRODUCER is?

    You should post some of your stuff, I didn't know you music. I always figure out how to do this stuff best by doing it myself, so we'll see what happens. Important to note that the TCA stuff i'm doing with Mind to Matter on the blog is now available on ALL LTB blogs, so this opens up a ton of possibilities

    Here's my first EP released last week (some of the mixes are going to get tweaked a bit more, I produce stuff on a speaker system with a nice sub and i'm noticing some of these are a bit harsh on the high end of the spectrum if you don't have a dedicated sub.

  • Re: Anyone know what MTMPRODUCER is?

    MTM is me, "Mind to Matter" - This is my version of an Artistcoin, curious for your thoughts.

    MTMPRODUCER is an access token I've issued that gives behind the scenes access to the music I'm creating under the name "Mind to Matter" (and sent you a complimentary one, I left details in slack)

    Here's the vending machine, the token does not expire and lets you see and download and comment on all my songs before release.

    When you have a MTMPRODUCER token (or any other access token to a blog), posts show up on the front page of LTB from your TCA blogs

    Here are the other vending machines in the ecosystem

    MTMCOLLECTOR tokens (gives access to full streaming library with early and alternative mixes of songs, and is redeemable for a one time download of the entire library at the time of redemption. This token will be increased in value every month based on what songs i've released) -

    MTMSONG tokens (redeemable for one song)

    MTMALBUM tokens - Redeemable for an album, an EP (which is all i've released so far) costs .5MTMALBUM


    I'll be announcing this on the show tomorrow.

  • Re: A tipping tool for content creators

    Cool, do you have a web interface to create these?

    Here's one we used to use and it has a nice easy creation path

  • Re: A tipping tool for content creators

    Can it have tipping prices set in dollars, or yen only? English language is showing fine but tipping amounts are denominated in yen only from what I can tell - Is that just how you configured your sample buttons or is it a current limitation?

  • Re: A tipping tool for content creators

    We've been talking about a better tipping solution for the whole LTB site, so your timing is good.

    The website automatically removes most types of script and embeds, once you get me either documentation or link us to something that explains the syntax and process for creating and using your button we can look at whether it solves our current problem

  • Re: This is huge: Mike Hearn is quitting Bitcoin

    We recorded our News show on thursday and this was discussed as part of another topic,coming out on saturdays show. Long story short, Mike's claim is hard to support.

  • Re: A tipping tool for content creators

    @CoinTea1121 - Can you link documenation? We'd like to make Pockets compatible with it if possible.

  • Re: No LTB today on 3/26/2016

    @drforum Hi Adam and happy new year to you. Hope you are having good time. I just want to know if you have posted the ink to the show where you said you will be talking of the "The New Token Economy". I am a newbie who is very interested to learn more when it comes to the digital currency in general. I will therefore be following all your shows so that I can be able to arm myself with the reliable knowledge. Are all this shows available on podcast section of the forum? thanks.

    Segment two on this episode is what you're looking for

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