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  • Re: how tough should the magic words be?

    Great conversation here everybody, let me quote Arthurs post from earlier

    @legendface66 Excuse the difficulty with finding the podcast guys, I had a tough time getting it to publish on LTBN.

    The magic words are a game. It's participatory and purely opt in. My goal is to produce fair, answerable but difficult to google trivia. If you don't want to play that's fine. If you spend half an hour learning about wine that's a great thing even if you don't get a reward for it. Chasing the answers to these should lead you through a maze of random subjects, rarely if ever related to the content.

    Because that's just how I'd like to do it. For no reason but the fun of it. This is not a consensus network :-)

    Arthur is correct, Magic Words are a "content agnostic tool" that can be used in a variety of ways depending on what you want to achieve. the magic word is LTB is very simple, I just want to know who is listening and willing to play our game so I keep it simple. Arthurs likes making it a game, and I think in the future he'll have even more options for that.

    This is not to say there aren't wrong ways, but the audience will let us know when that happens.

    One thing that occurs to me is having two classes of words - One that awards listening and one that awards another type of token as defined (and supplied) by the podcaster, which in our upcoming token controlled access system could give winners access to a special back-stage forum for fans and the creator only.

    for what its worth, I listen to Beyond Bitcoin but I don't do the magic word, too hard :)

  • Re: Coin controller critical bug

    @mikerbiker6 - you realize your signature advertises the site you're saying is garbage right?

  • Re: Tokens Prior to Verifying


    the rewards program fires new tokens out on saturdays, you will be credited for whatever you did since last saturday while logged in. Anything past that has already been compared against others who did it during the week and rewarded, if you missed it you missed it.


  • Re: EXPIRED [BOUNTY] 1,000,000 LTB for guest Alexis Ohanian with LTBcoin hosts (Expires 21/9/14)

    We have no problem with this proposal and actually it's my intent to set up a similar mechanism that will let people propose guests/hosts and set up a bounty that pays them (and some to the show :))

  • Re: Do we get LTBCoin for commenting on pages via Disqus?

    @cryptonaut can you fix this with disqus?

  • Re: Of TatianaCoin and SafeCoin, A Concept Comparison

    @cryptoninja One of the interesting things about SafeCoin is that "mining" or, as they call it, "farming" (which is all really just earning SafeCoin) is directly tied to increasing the value of the coin for users of the SafeCoin-supported distributed file system. More specifically, as I farm, I create more distributed storage (and earn SafeCoins) which is then used by users spending SafeCoin.

    With TatianaCoin as a Counterparty user-created asset which sits atop bitcoin, you really can't EARN TatianaCoin, can you? Instead bitcoin miners are just obtaining straight bitcoin and are a step removed from the TatianaCoin asset on top of the bitcoin network. So while I understand BUYERS of TatianCoin are adding value to the network, isn't it a weaker value proposition if the earning/mining piece isn't also solely & uniquely tied to increasing value for TatianaCoin spenders as in my SafeCoin example above?

    It depends. Something like Tatianacoin had it fundraised enough does not require anything other than finance and interested future users who profit from evangelizing the cause.

    But there's such a thing as critical mass, and in the case of the fundraiser we did not build it to sufficient levels. The good news is people like me who supported her campaign have a token that will become more valuable with her success, so whether it's now or in six months I'm interested in her success.

    The value proposition with something like NXT or Bitcoin is pretty stable because the base of users is very broad and so a scary event for one demographic looks like opportunity to another. It's big enough to be sustainable and self correcting under all but the most extreme of conditions.

    Tatianacoin or any new/small thing is the opposite, rather than being robust it is fragile. But also rather than being inefficient (the bigger the ecosystem, the stronger the force required to impact it) Tatiana's ecosystem is acute - Success in any form or fashion for her would dramatically increase the profile relative to where she was at the initial token event, and since its just a question of demand relative now to then the appreciation should be much more acute than if it were a larger base and money supply.

    One might call this the NXT effect, where 71 small casual investors became distributors of a token worth exponentially more than they had paid simply because the project further matured and naturally more eyes discovered and were interested in it.

  • Re: I want to know how many people are in here

    @loon3 @davisconfuse @crimsonroze

    Check out LTBn Value and scroll to the bottom for online users and total users overall. Auto-updates every 15 minutes.

    Hey Joe, you might be interested in this too

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