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  • Re: New Bitcoin Flickr Set

    looks awesome rob

  • Re: Did Adam make YouTube add a tipping feature?

    @alchemix Wait....when did Adam get rid of his afro from that video?? LOL - j/k

    I shaved my head about six months later


    @thewittyhawk I highly doubt it.

    Have you even seen Adam's video(s) on the topic? I can't help but think he had a >1% influence on the decision-making process to add that feature.

    I am happy I was talking about it before it was a thing, but innovation usually happens in many minds during the same time period because the context of the catalysts makes it the next logical step

  • Re: Sovereign BTC

    @ltb4me For me that podcast always seemed a little to libertarian oriented with bitcoin as an afterthought or just a sidenote to emphasize other points. I listened to a few of the episodes but it ended up not even having much to do with crypto in some so I just stopped listening altogether

    I agree, it's our most libertarian podcast and it's more personal log than show in my opinion.

    That said, for some it is a favorite show. Others hate it. Highly polarized content does that, it's the point.

  • Re: Boost member count

    If you're going to do this, I'd suggest using your referrer link so you get credit for any new members.

  • Re: No Price Discovery for LTBCoin is a Problem, But There is a Solution

    @kyletorpey @adam

    Sounds like you guys are making the right moves. Looking forward to the changes. Thanks.

    Thanks for playing our game :)

  • Re: [VOTE] For LTBc in Cryptoine

    I'm not familiar with Cryptoine, is it a good community? I'm curious why people want the token on more exchanges given how little volume there is right now?

    Not trying to discourage you, I'm just curious.

  • Re: New collaboration for official Markdown spec

    I'm a big fan of markup, and brought this to the attention of the team, which is what powers our text editor.

  • Re: No Price Discovery for LTBCoin is a Problem, But There is a Solution

    Also it's been mentioned that this is an experiment so I'll not repeat it endlessly, auctioning everything was never intended to be a permenent solution, rather a stopgap that we'd build to.

    In the future we'll have tokens auctioned bulk, for large sponsors or users who want to resell the tokens and if you just want one token you'll buy it from a vending machine for the stated price.

    But in the beginning the prices will be based off bitcoin and LTBc value relative to it.

  • Re: No Price Discovery for LTBCoin is a Problem, But There is a Solution


    We're actually going to go one better, there will be a number of token based things that are priced in LTBc and Bitcoin, with those paying in LTBc achieving a greater-than-market-value price to reflect its higher value in our eyes.

    I don't want to make promises but this will show up in some new and unexpected ways soon.

    I appreciate everyones concern about the current market price of LTB, I'm not even paying attention to it. I'm the largest single holder, and I know how much work is going on continuously in the background that will very much change the value equation for holding and using LTBc. More importantly, I know what we're going to do next.

  • Re: Sovereign BTC

    John'll be back ;)

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