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  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football


    @troy112 @loon3 is there anything coming for the general public.

    BTW had a awesome last week, made some mistakes, but in the end it was fine. :)

    I'm still waiting to hear back from @adam regarding his 50,000 LTBc commitment to the league. Until then I'll likely hold off on weekly payouts. If we do get the add'l funds, I will payout the weekly winners starting with Week 1.

    Sent, sorry!

  • Re: Is Paypal/Braintree About to Accept Bitcoin?

    Very Interesting!

    Definitely looks like an official video, although there seem to be many fewer voices during that line than the ones that immediately surround it. Account looks official.

    If Paypal enables users to accept Bitcoin, do you think they'd do it pass-through (Buyer spends bitcoin, seller recieves it) or like Bitpay (Spend bitcoin, recieve dollars)

    Another question is would official apps that support bitcoin alongside paypal reduce or eliminate the chargeback incompatability between the two protocols, if bitcoin and paypal tx could be trusted to not be reversed it would open up a very large market for buying/selling btc for paypal.

  • Re: Distrubution Spreadsheet

    We moved away from category weighted POP and just went to credit per post regardless of type, the system has records of this but we stopped keeping that record since it was more of a worksheet to determine, and is no longer being performed.

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