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  • Re: Post Your Biggest Fail When Investment Altcoin

    Maxcoin came out a while after I had begun thinking about LTBCOIN, and I thought for sure Max would honor it for something because it would cost him basically nothing except his time and he'd give the whole ecosystem meaningful value. I bought at an all time low that turned out to not be so low :)

    Also I think I'm the second or third largest holder of tatianacoins which I hope will have utility sometime soon. I'm actually thinking about starting a tatianacoin TCA for the fun of it.

  • Re: How to start a podcast

    I do not really recommend audacity, you save so much time with better tools. I use the Adobe Creative Cloud, and their most recent version of Audition

    I've documented my process loosely before, and if there is demand I'm happy to do a live Q&A that would be recorded and available for others.

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