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  • Re: Dream conference lineup?

    @faceface I've given a talk to an online conference, and it was quite disconcerting. I didn't realise quite how much I rely on audience 'feedback' to modulate what I'm saying, how and how fast I'm saying it. 20 minutes into a 30 minute talk (plus the usual 5 minute coordination debacle at the beginning) I had the distinct feeling that nobody was listening... Instead of listening to the other talks I started checking email and eventually wandered off for lunch...

    Whatever it looks like, it should somehow keep people (speakers and listeners) connected and engaged throughout.

    Could the speaker hand out 4 or 5 ’interrupt me' tokens, bought using points earned for up voted tweets or something? Conference pack includes two INTERRUPT and one COLLAR ;-)

    The idea is to have multiple levels of interaction, since we're based on google hangouts on air there are a total of ten seats, so minus one or two for the producers those are live-audience seats that will be distributed a variety of ways (given to the speaker to invite a friendly face and reservable with one of the VIP conference tokens in advance, but if there are availabilities the next tier lower of membership all can see the URL and join if there is an open seat.

    Beyond that, live text-chat in the audience + private rooms and messaging, and we'll certainly have some feedback forms. We also might do things like give all ticketholders a handful of "Pick of the conference" tokens each that they can send to their favorite speakers and at the end of the event we'll award those speakers.

  • Re: Dream conference lineup?

    Actually my question is if you were attending a conference without leaving your house. We're developing a virtual conference platform which will basically be a custom multi-user voice-and-text-chat interface built around google hangouts and token controlled access for Q&A mixing live and pre-recorded video sorta thing.

    If speakers and attendees don't have to travel and stop their lives to attend a conference, they can be shorter, more often and specialized. They also have much larger natural reach, and with tokens now we can replicate all the privacy, tiered access and exclusivity of a real conference so private conversations can still happen and people can have essentially rooms if they want to host interested parties.

    In that type of environment, what does a conference look like?

  • Re: Dream conference lineup?

    If you didn't have to travel for a conference, what would be the ideal amount of time? A day? A half day? A week with two hours per day from 5pm-7pm?

    Its not a focus right now, but conferences and gatherings are a big interest for later this year

  • Re: NXT enthusiast Marc De Mesel LTBc buyout offer declined.



    I just got pointed in the direction of this thread. The email above is from one of the devs I asked to look into Tokenly. I contacted Adam after I saw the post by Marc go up and Adam's reply to it.

    I thought it wouldn't even be a conceivable idea to ask LTB to move over to Nxt, because that's simply not efficient. You don't throw away months of development to move to another platform.

    On the other hand, a "hybrid" solution is very nice. I firmly believe Nxt has a lot to offer to LTB and can be used to make what you have here stonger.

    Of course, and let's be honest about it, we would welcome the chance to show what our system can do, fór you. So, hopefully the mail above has tickled your fancy.

    Actually it might be interesting to have a conversation for the show about ways to integrate nxt into the platform, i'll think about that more.

  • Re: CEX.IO Temporarily Suspends Cloud Mining Services

    as a rule LTB doesn't allow cloud mining sponsors because the business model is so wonky and prone to unhappy customers. Definitely a do-at-your-own-risk thing and buying long contracts (anything beyond a year) is totally crazy

  • Re: ? FLDC = 1 BTC

    @pooktwo we're setting up a LTBCOIN vending machine accepting a bunch of counterparty tokens and the question came up should we accept FLDC. Is there any reason we should accept it? Storj, SWARM, etc. all have viable reasons why they should perform well in the long term because they give access to a network.

    Do you have any plans to add redemption options or somehow give it value more directly another way?

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