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  • Re: Getting Errors In Itunes When Downloading New Podcasts

    I wish I knew what to tell you, this has been a very annoying recurring problem that only impacts specific users and is difficult to replicate.

  • Re: Overstock and Counterparty devs split ways

    Yeah, I mean Tokenly and Medici are both unlike Counterparty or Mastercoin or NXT or Bitshares because they are platforms that exist at a higher level.

    You might think about Tokenly and Medici as Token Use Cases while the aforementioned protocols are more about Token Manufacturing and Basic Infrastructure. The company that manufactures roller skates is different from the company that runs a skating ring, the skating ring might find it in their best interest to allow users with compatible skates of all varieties and brands to pay to use the premises while the skate manufacturer has a different kind of relationship with the industry.

    same thing here, both Tokenly and Medici are skating rings and it makes sense to accept all compatible skates (tokens)

  • Re: Overstock and Counterparty devs split ways

    @dgiors That comes as quite a shock. I'm invested in Counterparty at perhaps 10% of my entire crypto holdings at time of purchase. Unfortunately the trend has been mostly down since then. For the long term I'm not overly concerned regarding the current price, however, Medici was a great assurance XCP had a bright future.

    Not that XCP has lost it's place as a great technology. There are many other wonderful tokens on their system, FLDC and LTBC among them. The problem is that Medici was such a big deal that it weakens the prospect of XCP. Hopefully we don't see others jump ship too.

    Alas if a better platform comes along it would make sense for existing platforms to be eroded. Bitcoin being a notable exception because of it's vast network strength. It won't shock me if over the coming years platforms eat each other up until a number of them gain adequate network effect to sustain their shotcomings compared to newcomers.

    I was a little suprised to see Medici specifically go for Counterparty, it makes a ton more sense for them to be like Tokenly and be able to integrate and hooked up with lots of protocols. In that way the platform acts as a bridge between the normally incompatible tokens.

  • Re: longer Magic Word

    @deebee @deweller, I also like being able to review which podcast I've listened to. Perhaps, rather than a declining point scale for delayed listening, a simple two tiered system, 20 points for a magic word submitted timely, and maybe just a single point for submitting an "expired" word. Then the user has a history of submitted words, timely or not.

    Right, I think I'm leaning towards either something like this or a three phase system allowing for more points within the first month and then a single point as a tracking one like you've described

  • Re: longer Magic Word

    So perhaps we should make them 40 points for the first week and 10 points for the next three then 1 point after that. It won't be effective to farm but it'll still let us track listening over a longer time period than the 4 days we current get a distribution on.

  • Re: Dream conference lineup?

    @faceface I've given a talk to an online conference, and it was quite disconcerting. I didn't realise quite how much I rely on audience 'feedback' to modulate what I'm saying, how and how fast I'm saying it. 20 minutes into a 30 minute talk (plus the usual 5 minute coordination debacle at the beginning) I had the distinct feeling that nobody was listening... Instead of listening to the other talks I started checking email and eventually wandered off for lunch...

    Whatever it looks like, it should somehow keep people (speakers and listeners) connected and engaged throughout.

    Could the speaker hand out 4 or 5 ’interrupt me' tokens, bought using points earned for up voted tweets or something? Conference pack includes two INTERRUPT and one COLLAR ;-)

    So on the engagement problem for virtual conferences... I was thinking we could build in essentially expressive controls, buttons and sliders that people who are in the audience of one of these conferences can use to indicate their feedback while watching talks if they want. Things like "Agree/Disagree" and "Like/Dislike" would be a draggable slider that resets itself if left alone for more than 30 seconds or so, while you might have buttons for "Applause" "Laugh" etc. The platform would be able to track live metrics and provide it to speakers, while during the live speech you could pass through the button based stuff.

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