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  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    @christian Would the spending of tokens happen automatically from my LTB profile?

    Do you mean credits? Post Credits would be automatically deducted from your balance as you make posts and you would automatically recieve back your share either in LTBCOIN as a token or as more credits, with a split possible also.

    We can't automate any actual token spending because that relies on your private key but credits within our system we can do anything with instantly and with no fee.

  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    @christian It sounds great, but I would need to see it in action and actually use the system to fully understand it.

    Is there anything in particular you don't understand?

  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    I've moved this to the LTBCOIN talk board since I think its probably an initiative we should be discussing with the audience as well as internally.


  • Re: "Common", "Un-Common" and "Rare" Token Classifications

    Actually I was thinking

    Rare would be Fixed Issuance, Single Token (So this would be one token PER car, not per type of car)

    Uncommon would be Fixed Issuance, Multiple Tokens

    Common would be Free Issuance, Multiple Tokens

    I'm trying to think of useful generic classifications that draw from what games have already pioneered without necessarily making us look like we're playing a game.

    There are lots of other factors that are essentially descriptor words that can be added to the lexicon on top of these basic categories so what word describes the difference or describes the character of a common token that is issued as needed by a vending machine compared to one that issues new tokens on a yearly basis

    Different types of tokens would work for cars based on what you want to do with then, you might have a common token that can be redeemed for a ford focus 2015 any color, or you could have a token that represents the key to operate one specific ford focus 2015 powder blue named fiona. It's really highly variable, which again illustrates why we need to develop some words to think about this stuff in common terms.

  • "Common", "Un-Common" and "Rare" Token Classifications

    Hey everybody, In the world of tokens there are a lot of different ways to do things and it won't be long before the word "token" has really no specific meaning besides a way of managing digital ownership of all the things.

    With that in mind I want to start thinking about how we should think about tokens, and I keep coming back to my middle-school days in the late 90s' playing Magic the Gathering, which is a CCG already associated with Bitcoin thanks to the MtGOX connection (Magic the Gathering Online EXchange).

    In magic they use the concept of Common, Uncommon and Rare to differentiate between types of cards. You might find 100 common for every 10 uncommon for every 1 rare.

    A token representing ownership of a car might be rare

    An expensive fixed quantity token representing membership to an exclusive club might be uncommon

    A fan token that is issued as-needed based on vending machine sales might be common

    What do you think about this? What am I missing?

  • "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    This is a proposal for when Nick gets back from his upcoming trip, if you'd like to weigh in now is the time.

    Upon registering, users are given the option of a paid registration in a variety of tokens. Users who choose to pay are sent a generic access token that gives them access to the private half of the forums. This is basically an introduction to access tokens, they would not be very exclusive and the vending machine that powers the distribution to new users would be able to issue more as needed. Funds collected in this way are pooled and set aside.

    That won't stop spammers, they will overcome any system we come up with because spammers are just users whose motives are to game the system for their profit. If we make it impossible for spammers who are seeking profit how can we expect users who just want to interact with each other to figure out our system or deal with our protections.

    I believe we should institute a credit system that users pre-pay to their account in the same way as we handle submission credits. Lets say 100 LTBCOIN per credit and it takes 1 credit to reply, 2 credits to create a new topic.

    At the end of each week, the system would count all the posts that have not been removed for some reason and allocate 1 share per reply and 2 shares per topic to whomever made the non-spam post. This would give each user who posted at least one non-spam post a share of the non-spam reward, so if there are 100 credits worth of posts created and 10% are spam, each share is worth 111 LTBCOIN.

    The funds at the beginning we set aside are used to determine the number of free posts each user gets each week or month, basically all non-LTBCOIN funds received are exchanged with the LTB platform for LTBCOIN and those LTBCOIN are used to buy posting credits for users in the system, who would then be able to post more and if they are not spam recieve the LTBCOIN associated with their shares as pure profit, so instead of an 11 LTBCOIN net gain from a 10% spam rate it would be a 111LTBCOIN gain since that user did not pay for the credit. This could easily be supplemented by diverting part of the audience rewards program to the purpose.

    Further, once we have these not-very-valuable-but-useful posting credits that are database entries in our system, we can let users give them to each other. Since posts now have a cost and a reward, giving someone who has posted something you like a "tip" in the form of a posting credit take what is a low reward speculative venture relative to the cost and turn it into a no risk scenario since the person giving the credit has paid the cost while you still have the possibility of reward. Receiving multiple credit "tips' multiplies the effectiveness, essentially pre-paying you so any reward you receive from the non-spam system is a bonus.

    I do not imagine we would let people "withdraw" credits in the form of LTBCOIN, the only way to convert them would be to use them and be rewarded for non-spam or tip them to someone.

    I believe this would align the incentives properly when it comes to posting without locking out users. Letting "free" users have their own area gives us an entry onramp, but also presents a disconnect between the public google-searchable community and the more private community community without getting clichey like token viewpoints inevitably will.

    Since there can't be a negative number of spam posts, worst case scenario with 0% spam you would make no profit but receive back exactly what it cost you in the first place. We could give users the option of receiving what they are owed in credits if they want to skip having to buy them again and essentially any profit would be reinvested back in more voice which would also give you tipping ability.

    So once again the system is

    New users can pay or not

    If they pay, their funds are gathered in the "Credit Charity Fund", they get access to the paid-only area via a "common" access token plus the public area.

    If they don't pay, they get access to the public access area

    Any user can use LTBCOIN or other tokens to buy Posting Credits. When they get a new account and periodically they receive free posting credits. It costs 1 credit to reply to someone elses topic or 2 credits to create your own.

    At regular intervals, all the posts made during the last length of time which are not spam are polled and shares are credited to their posting user, 1 share per reply 2 shares per topic. Users receive LTBCOIN per share for the time period from the Posting Credits fund based on the following formula.

    (# of credits spent during time period) / (# of credits worth of non-spam posts made during time period)

    Posting Credits are not tokens, they can't be sent or used outside of the LTB platform and the only way a user can extract their value in LTBCOIN from the system (which is variable based on when they are redeemed) only by making non-spam posts. Posting credits can be "tipped" to other individuals which happens immediately and entirely outside of the spam system, it is the equivalent of trading tokens pre-redemption with the act of making a post and thus using the credits being the act of redemption.

    What do you think?

  • Re: Possible Solution to the spam problem

    @pooktwo @adam You guys have so many cool ideas and projects that you are working on. I think that is a fantastic idea to control spam and benefit those that do not create spam.

    Its all the features I know you guys are working on that makes it hard for me to use all my LTBC for advertising right now as I know that 100 satoshis is not a fair price for LTBC, it will be worth much more one day.

    Keep it up and I cannot wait until we start contributing features to this community :D

    Act in your best interest man, that's what I'm doing ;)

  • Re: Possible Solution to the spam problem

    Hmm! Maybe a LIKE should become the act of transferring one of your posting credits to that person, which means that when they post the funds returned them are all gain since they were reimbursed by the person who liked their post, and can even make a net gain just from making a post that draws likes.

    It also gives a tangible cost to likes since they are a resource that must be purchased normally, and it gives more utility to the posting credits.

  • Re: Possible Solution to the spam problem


    @adam Had to clean out five this morning which is about the same as yesterday morning, also the spam is posted like 20 minutes apart so I suspect it is being made by hand.

    Wow, someone actually is creating spam by hand lol. Thats just sad :(

    I noticed them to a little bit ago. 5 a day I guess ain't to bad, I just hope it doesnt turn into a complete nightmare for you guys when LTBC goes to the moon and there is 100,000 active users on LTB :D

    I really think there is no way around making it simply cost to make posts on the forums whether a new thread or writing a response.

    I imagine a system quite like the submission credit system, instead of making a transaction for every post you would load up your account by pre-paying for a bunch of credits, which would then tick down as you make posts on the forums.

    Funds collected in that way could be redistributed to everybody who made posts on the forums weekly or monthly and you'd earn a share for each post you make that is not deleted or flagged as spam. This means if you post spam you have to pay for it and you don't earn a share for it. If you post something real, you have to pay for it but you earn a share for it so at the end of each period we should have...

    (FEE x Total Posts) / (Fee x Total Shares)

    So assuming a 100 LTBc fee and 100 posts in the time period, 90 of which are not spam you'd have a per post cost of 100LTBc (deducted from prepaid credits) but at the end of the period you would recieve back %111 of the value invested. The higher the % of spam, the better the payout for those who are not spammers.

    The downside here is we have to get everybody using value tokens, but it's not that bad actually. We could accept LTBCOIN but also small amounts of Bitcoin to accomplish the same purpose. And everybody, regardless of paying, can read and private message users.

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