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  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    So you want to remove the abstraction of a post oriented credit. If we do that I don't see how we get away with not letting people exchange LTBc credits for LTBc. If we make people put it into a pre-paid post but still let them trade it within the platform there is no compulsion to let them change it back to LTBc because there is a natural path to do so (make a post that isn't spam and don't get it paid back to you as more credits)

    Does that make sense?


    @adam @deweller Can you articulate the differences from what I'm proposing?

    After reading your post again with this in mind, I see only a few differences.

    You suggest: 100 LTBCOIN = 1 postcredit I suggest: 100 LTBCOIN = 100 ltbcoincredit

    You suggest requiring 1 or 2 postcredits to reply or start a topic. I suggest requiring 100 or 200 ltbcoincredit to reply or start a topic.

    You are suggesting the majority of the forums require a paid access token. I think this can be implemented as a separate project before or after the credits system is implemented.

    We agree that users should be rewarded in LTBCOIN from the new credits gained by this system.

    I am also suggesting that on our platform, ltbcoincredits can be spent in the same way that LTBCOIN can be. So if you acquire ltbcoincredits, you can redeem them (instantly!) for things sold by our platform.

  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    @deweller Can you articulate the differences from what I'm proposing?

  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    @cryptonaut @adam hmm il wait for some others to chime in... Either way I don't think this should be a top priority right now, there are other more immediate things that should be worked on once the blog updates are done, like user profiles and a bunch of other stuff on the forums (like sub forums I mentioned).

    solves a lot of our problems

    What are some of the problems it solves besides deterring spam?

    • It adds utility to LTBCOIN, we can let people set how many post credits they want to buy before recieving actual LTBCOIN in a distribution, or setting a split of how much to distribute to their address and how much to route back into post credits. Post credits are useful by both posters and lurkers because lurkers can give real value to posters who they want to literally enable to speak more.
    • It gives us a standard of low value to tip instantly with one click that can be converted to LTBCOIN but only by participating.
    • It actually solves the spam problem by fundamentally changing the incentives and costs without requiring people to spend money.
    • It adds value to the LTBCOIN ecosystem by adding a major point of comparison between various types of value and LTBCOIN.
    • It supplements the upvote downvote system by providing a limited quantity item. I don't like weighting solutions that are non-consumptive
  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    @cryptonaut Some issues I see with it:

    • Seems pretty complicated and a pretty big time investment just for combating spam (which is annoying, but not really overwhelming right now)

    It's not a problem now but if we are successful in other stuff we do it will be, and again it's about re-aligning the incentives.

    • I think in practice, if people have to go through the process of signing up for an account, creating a wallet and verifying their address, obtaining and spending some LTBC or whatever other tokens we accept just to post on the forums.. that's already quite a few layers of spam deterrence, so there would rarely be extra credits from removed posts to give back to people as per your formula

    They only have to set up a counterwallet if they want to recieve LTBCOIN, they can also buy post credits with bitcoin or tokens or dollars and everybody gets some for free. If you want to make a lot of posts you need to somehow add value but if you want to just lurk with an account, earn ltbcoin through the rewards program and post a couple of times a week you don't need to do anything but use it.

    • If there is a free section that anyone can join and post in, then we still end up dealing with occasional spam regardless

    Nope, there is just a non-TCA area you still need an account and credits which can be acquired the same way, still doesnt require a counterwallet.

    • Would having a cost associated with every post cause people to just post less and less people participating, or would it produce higher quality posts? doesn't it conflict with Proof of Participation? 1 posting credit is likely quite a bit more than you get from the PoP points when making a post.

    The cost is low and the friction is even less than our existing submissions system because we'll accept non-counterparty tokens too. We would subdivide the PoP distribution into multiple categories, this would be part of the one dealing with the forums. We're going to need to re-do this stuff soon anyhow, same with editorial.

    • The planned upvote/downvote system will introduce some user level moderation and also compliment the existing PoP system.

    Yes and I don't think that is a replacement or conflict for what I am proposing, how we determine what is spam is not in the purview of this proposal, and the existing POP system can co-exist alongside this with subdivision.

    IMO this seems like something that would be neat as a sub community via a private TCA board - although that won't be very doable until we have some more features like sub-forums.

    Give me more problems, i'm not going to let this go so easily as I think it solves a lot of our problems

  • Re: Bitcoin Foundation - Are you a member?

    We actually recorded a further hour and a half with six of the candidates, but since the debate ran over time and started late I left the candidates to manage themselves, it wound up being very repetitious of the debate content.

    I've really enjoyed the debates we've done and would like to do more

  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    @christian That makes sense. So it would be something that we wouldn't really worry about as legit users, it would just work? But if a spammer was trying to game for LTBcoin it would result in net loss?

    Right, spam posts will get culled so they would not get any "Shares". The spammer would be either sacrificing their reward if they got the credits for free, and if they've actually paid they would have a tangible cost to weigh against the potential rewards.

    A spammer is incentivized to not spam in such a way that gets deleted, they're incentivized to spam in such a way that they are able to collect credit tips and make good posts to "cash them out" into LTBCOIN

  • Re: How do you listen to LTB podcasts?

    I listen on specific episode pages most of the time from my main computer through stereo headphones or main speakers while doing other stuff. I sometimes download mp3s and load them onto a mp3 player to run it through a different set of speakers in another room, or in the car.

    I only download if i'm not listening to it on the main computer.

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