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  • Re: LTB Editorial System Upgrades Overview

    Fantastic work Nick, a couple of things I want to get in your brain before you go.

    I believe you made a very important breakthrough when you suggested we flip our model and instead of having editors have to decide amongst themselves who would work on a piece, rather they apply to be part of the specific piece of contents team and can be rejected by the author initially.

    Rather than having the curation module be one where you look through the upcoming content, I think we should flip it. Each front page will have a submission fee, and ideally this would be operated through the "Manage" menu or a new "Publicize" menu that lets you pick through the various front pages, see their submission fees, be able to look at their statistics both in terms of traffic and pageviews but also how often they reject submissions and various statistics on how they operate within the LTB ecosystem.

    It's important to note that only the LTB front page has LTBCOIN in great quantities to distribute as a reward for people posting on our front page. Other front pages will have their own coins, and indeed blogs will have their own coins too because each participant can accept everybody elses token and still have their own to serve their particular needs.

    An article can be submitted to as many front pages as you want to pay the fee for, although it seems less likely later front pages would carry the story unless it was really interesting to their audience because the submission fees are always non-refundable.

    So the proposal here is to add a "Publicize" menu option next to each post from the Newsroom view which opens up the list of front pages, when you click one it displays their specific stats and rules, you select the ones you want to submit it too and are presented with a total bill in whatever token you choose to pay with. You pay the bill and all the front pages you selected have your story pop up as a pre-paid submission which they can throw on their front page with one click. If they reject it, they are prompted to write a note explaining why. If they accept it, the post qualifies for the front pages rewards program which might be quite like LTB's or might vary.

    Users who run front pages will need a new interface that lets them quickly preview content as it would appear on their page (remember, front pages are links only back to blogs), accept or decline submissions and do styling/cosmetic work/tweaks to correct any issues with the post auto-formatting for their front page. Also meta and per-piece stats.

    Front Pages are not like conventional websites, they're most closely analagous to, they are intended to be high volume and the opposite of "sticky", users visit front pages often because they have very frequent interesting content and are essentially curated directories based on the curators tastes and mission.

  • Re: Buy Electronics with BTC

    Just curious, are you a real person or is this spam?

  • Re: LTB Network Tutorials! Here's What We're Doing, What Are We Missing?

    @pooktwo @adam would you like me to start another one, plan on you to provide some audio, or discontinue?

    I suggest you go about it autonomously because i'm just going to slow you down for now.

  • Re: LTB Network Tutorials! Here's What We're Doing, What Are We Missing?

    @cryptofan411 Just tried to sign message with my LTB compatible couterparty wallet with now success. Sent .1 milliBit and it worked. Maybe I missed something?

    I don't think message signing works yet with counterwallet, its been a known bug for ages. We have an extension in the works that will let you move these functions to your browser and not have to use counterwallet for much any more.

  • Re: LTB Network Tutorials! Here's What We're Doing, What Are We Missing?

    The plug is no problem and honestly the video is great, I just got a chance to watch it.

  • Re: LTB Network Tutorials! Here's What We're Doing, What Are We Missing?

    Hey Robert, lets just keep things decentralized - You guys produce your content and we'll produce ours - Thanks though!

  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal


    @irnhnve I think it is quite a few steps for a new user to take just to use the forums. There's people who will take the time to do them, but I feel like it would turn an even larger number away.

    What if instead we simply had new user's accounts flagged until they had received x amount of likes on their posts from full users. It could also be set up in tiers so that x number of likes on a post from a full member gets them to the next tier where they would begin receiving 25% of the distribution they earned during that period, but they rest are set aside in a pool. When they hit the next threshold they get 50% and so so on until they hit 100% at which time all of the LTBc that is set aside in the pool are released and they get the full distribution each week going forward.

    This way an account that has reached a certain tier becomes more valuable to the user since it would be difficult to start all over again if they tried to spam from the high tier account.

    @adam Even though is think that the credit system is a great idea, irnhnve is correct that many might not want to go through this process, though i dont think irnhnve's proposed solution is the answer either. I have still been thinking about this in the back of my head for a few days and I will submit an idea when i have one, there has to be a way to make this work because its a really good idea :)

    Right now nobody wants to go through the process :) We're building tools for a different paradigm so I don't really have a problem with the level of engagement we're demanding. Worst case scenario someone does not participate and then they only get the free posts and don't get rewarded for them since they didn't set up an access pocket so their earnings would just be used to rebuy more posts in addition to the free posts (they would also be able to tip with their accumulated posts).

    If they set it up, they can ignore it again even more easily and now also have the option to get LTBCOIN out instead of just more posts.

  • Re: "Posts That Pay" Forum Anti-Spam System Proposal

    The system described above would be basically invisible to users unless they want to use it. Users only face the need to somehow acquire more posts than they are given for free (whether by recieving them from others users, waiting til they recieve more LTBCOIN from the rewards, or spending a small amount of some kind of value.

    Asking people to get likes is hard because not everybody will, and that's okay.

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