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  • Re: Bryce Weiner tips ISIS

    @edd I find myself agreeing with both of the posts above. What he did was just about the most troll-like thing I've seen but he has the right to be a troll if he wishes.

    Did his tweet and tip hurt anyone? No.

    this is a question of degrees, given the way twitter has been handling "terrorism" it could be argued in the status quote that in fact just making a tweet supportive of isis is illegal in the united states. Does it violate free speech rights and encourage censorship? Well yeah, but that's the point. They're censoring the obviously OMFG SO BAD IT IS OBVIOUS stuff so that when they expand their definitions it's not coming out of nowhere, but is rather an obvious and "logical" progression.

    Did he make any kind of point? I don't see it.

    I think his point was that you can't actually enforce any of the sanctions even against a stateless state, so if you can't enforce something why have it be a rule?

    He found out that actually they can enforce it, just not pre-emptively and not the government directly. Instead they have a relationship with twitter where if someone does something on twitter, they punish twitter. So twitter, not wanting to be punished pro-actively censors things that might get them in trouble.

    The gov doesn't even need to ask, it just happens.

    Did he earn any respect from anyone? Very little from very few, if any.

    Bryce doesn't seem to be trying to make friends, he just likes to call out bullshit and doesn't

    Will he regret it? Probably. I'm baffled as to what he thought he might gain from it in relation to what he might lose.

    Word to that. In my experiance antagonistic people like to antagonize.

  • The Let's Talk Bitcoin! show is taking a week off. E193 will resume on March 14th

    Hey folks, I've been sick as a dog since sunday evening and although I have a few pieces of content that could be assembled, edited and released, i've got no voice and it's not going to happen.

    I expect to be over this sometime next week and can commit to releasing episode 193 on March 14th, so there will be no episode released on Saturday the 7th or Tuesday the 10th.

    If you haven't yet taken the opportunity, I'd recommend filling your listening time catching up on the other shows on the LTB network.

    That's it, see ya'll on the 14th.

  • Re: Demo of the LTB Companion Wallet chrome extension

    yep, that worked!

  • Re: Citizenfour

    Never heard of it, link?

  • Re: Distribution error?

    We're actually in the process of automating the distribution. Our system has some safety checks built into it so if I (and I have once or twice) send to the wrong address we can still recover it and make it right before it does the big sendout.

    Numbers and specific per person distributions are locked in place before we ever create the weeks tokens.

  • Re: Demo of the LTB Companion Wallet chrome extension


    @tintin I don't care if the transactions take days, if only I can use low fees. Hopefully you can set the fees manually. Will definitely try this one out in the near future.

    @Omnibus , you screenshots are not showing up. Or is that just me?

    I just tried it on my phone and they're showing up there as well. It might be something on your end unless other people are having issues

    screenshots do not appear for me either.

    And yes, you'll be able to set the fees manually or at least it'll be cheap by default with a toggle you can turn on to make the next tx you make a high priority (higher fee) tx

  • Re: 2/28/2015 Distribution Delayed due to Counterwallet Servers being down


    I seem to be having a local problem so @cryptonaut is taking over the management of the address.



    @bernhard alternatives to Counterwallet ?

    Currently under development.

    maybe own wallet? "development" i can only interprete

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