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  • Re: EP203 Journalism is Dead. Long Live Journalism

    I like your flow, you might even be crazier than I am.

    I hope you don't mind me co-opting your acronym, tomorrow I'm going to talk to the staff about really turning the network into a Decentralized, Automatic Media Network.

    I think Automatic is a better work than autonomous because the network itself is not so much autonomous unto itself as the interactions within it, that comprise it and occur between it and users and users and users are automated once the initial parameters have been set.

  • Re: New Podcast


    If I can get it on my schedule as a regular session I can make the time, we can schedule on a trello board and communicate on a channel in the LTBN slack

    There's lots and lots to talk about in this vein.

  • Re: New Podcast

    So.... I've wanted to create a show for like two years now called "The New Renaissance" about disruptive technologies generally, so crypto, p2p, decentralized systems, additive manufacturing and agorism.

    I always imagined it as a discussion show with several hosts as well as the deep dive interviews you do.

  • Re: Who here owns a 3d printer? What have you printed?

    No "local" hackerspaces in my neck of the woods but the point is taken

  • Re: Who here owns a 3d printer? What have you printed?

    I have a dual extruder VISION still unbuilt in the box, it was the last thing I focused on before LTB took over and when it arrived like six months later, the 12+ hours of assembly required for a normal person, plus my complete ineptitude when it comes to all things building, assembling or non-thinky-stuff about machines meant it wasn't going to happen this lifetime.

    I'm casually looking for someone to build it for me, just to throw that out there.

    The Vision Dual Extruder "Plus" 3D Printer Kit - You pick the 2 or 3 colors (of our large selection of colors - including Glow-In-The-Dark colors) to totally customize your printer to your Team, School, or Favorite Colors. The Vision+ Dual Extruder 3D Printer increases the height of the parts you can create to 8.9" (225mm) so it can make parts up to 8.9" x 8.9" x 8.9" (225mm x 225mm x 225mm)! You are unique, and your 3D printer should be too. All 3d Printed Parts on the printer are printed in the 2 or 3 colors of your choosing. With 2 Extruders, you will be able to run 2 different colors, or 2 types of materials at the same time. (US Shipping Included, International Shipping Extra)

  • Re: Scaling bitcoin with micropayment channels

    Good find Adam, do you think this would make a better interview (one host, and if so whom?) or guest host (speaks with all three of us)

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