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  • Re: Update Documentary: Trailer, Release, Festivals

    Hey Torsten, really looking forward to it.

    I think the narration is a little low in the mix when I listen to it on a stereo setup, nitpick aside great work.

  • Re: Why not monetize LTBcoin?

    @sicocos However, although the coin LTB different from the others, in fact the price is very fall

    Yup, one of the ways we're different is we don't manipulate or attempt to prop up the value or exchange rate of the token at all. In reality most coins would be like this if markets weren't so cheaply manipulated at extremely low volumes.

    So although the price may suck, it's real and when it gets better that'll be real too.

  • Re: Would this work to minimize counterwallet fees?

    You can't reduce fees in counterwallet at this time

  • Re: Why not monetize LTBcoin?

    @dlight Great! Happy to hear everyone's thinking along these lines. Adam's discussions on this made me think there wasn't an intention to turn it into a real alt-coin - but I'm happy to hear that you're working in that direction. I'll check out the code... Thanks.

    What discussion did I have that brought this up?

  • Re: Why not monetize LTBcoin?

    Yup, +1 @cryptonaut we very much agree with you and are working hard to put the pieces in place to make it happen. Our distributions are already fully transparent and people are getting value from it now.

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