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  • Re: 21 inc

    @mutatu Adam I'm not knowledgeable enough to make an informed answer. A couple of questions I guess is; would 21 Inc if their technology works, could it pose a risk I.e. would they become a large miner? Is bitcoin grown up enough to handle the likes of Mr Summer coming across from the dark side?

    We've got Peter Todd coming on this Thursday to talk about this.

  • Re: 21 inc

    Got a note from a friend with decent instincts calling 21 the "master switch moment"

    I'm not sure if that's promising or ominous, any thoughts?

  • Re: Anybody listen to the No Agenda Show?

    @c44c Besides the podcasts on the LTB network, I too listen to the No Agenda Show (In the Morning!)

    Being outside the USA, I find it interesting to hear about the deconstructions of news topics in the US, and how the same stories are rehashed and published in the EU. Having news inputs from multiple sources helps understanding what happens around us, and realizing that agendas the national medias are pushing.

    John and Adams styles are different, so some find them obnoxious while others really like the presentations. I found them quite bold at first, but now I enjoy the show for what it provides and don't get too caught up in how the show is presented.

    I wish they would go subscription only so I could pay $8 per month and I wouldn't have to hear them complain about not having enough money. Some shows they spend 25+ of the 3 hour show complaining and guilting listeners. I used to donate and was actually their first (and last) bitcoin donation but eventually got really sick of giving them money and still having them waste my time with whining. Now I listen to maybe one in every four episodes and skip break sections lol.

    Outside of the extremely time consuming donation and whining segments I find the show to be quite enjoyable.

  • Re: LTB Companion Wallet Update!

    Awesome work @loon3!

  • Re: LTBCOIN for Ads on On The Cusp Podcast

    @cc5alive I created the asset on Thursday and was checking on Sunday. I just checked again and I still don't see it in Counterwallet, though it is showing up on the blockchain explorer. Strange, right?

    Actually one of the projects we're working on had exactly the same problem, apparently it's a known bug. Try loading the passphrase in your LTB companion and the asset should be sendable although you wont be able to issue or do anything like that until counterwallet recognizes

  • Re: Mobile Counterparty Wallet is available for both Android and iOS!

    @cointea1121 here's a quick look at the token payment uri @loon3 has been working on, it should be easy for you to implement this same recognition scheme into your tool - What do you think?

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