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  • Re: Siacoin: alternatuve to storj

    Tried out the application, looks very interesting but they've made some interesting choices like relying VERY HEAVILY on hub/spoke payment channels and so I had trouble testing it out because normal transactions have to wait on 30 minute block times. It also requires users have the application installed on their system in order to download files that are hosted on the network which IMO makes the service much less useful to me until someone builds that service layer on top.

    @shawn_j How far out are you from letting us host LTB network podcasts on Storj? This was a tease, lol.

  • Re: Siacoin: alternatuve to storj

    I love how fast and easy I was able to get mining going and start offering space everything is but how do you get some of their coin to be able to upload things?

  • Re: Siacoin: alternatuve to storj


    I just saw this posted on reddit. Works exactly like storj. Apparently theyve kept it quiet, but it goes live june 1. Looks interesting.

    It does look interesting - How are things with Storj? I haven't had a chance to keep up and am quite in the dark.

  • Re: I need name! because i want to make a band. can you tell me some ideas?

    @awosd07 Comment please!

    What kind of music? Can you post any links to either music you've made or music that will inspire the band?

  • Re: Any developers or Entreprenuers interested?

    Interesting project, sorry to hear things went south!

    Best of luck finding a buyer

  • Re: Scaling bitcoin with micropayment channels

    @ademczuk I am extatic @Adam as it happens it occured on my birthday. Thankyou for beinging it all together. After the @epicenterbitcoin interview it has almost begun to be contraversial as the lightning network team requires a larger blocksize to function while agreeing with Peter Todd that its a slippery slope.

    ps.Brian needs to turn off autofocus

    Happy Birthday :)

    I look forward to the epicenter episode

  • Re: 21 inc

    We actually didnt talk about 21 at all, it was all about block size. quite a good episode.

    I've got an interview request out to 21, once they're ready to talk we'll get into it otherwise its just adding more fuel to the hype fire.

  • Re: Ltb distribution 16 May 2015

    @coffeefire I received a notification that I was being sent LTb coin on the 16th May, however, nothing is showing up in my wallet? I have received every other payment without issue but this one hasn't appeared... Anyone know why?

    What wallet are you using? We've noticed Counterwallet has been having some problems detecting incoming transactions. You might try loading up the same address in the LTB companion to see if it works

    From our distribution system it looks like we did send to you as usual with a confirmation on the blockchain

    User (Coffeefire) (Amount) 950.90038620 you can find the confirmation here, as far as I can tell it all seems to be in order.

    Let us know how it resolves

  • Re: Scaling bitcoin with micropayment channels

    @ademczuk Thanks @adam I'm watching @epicenterbitcoin interview with the lightning network team live.

    Great, I think they also have Mike Hearn scheduled.

    We recorded today with first the hosts + Gavin talking about block size then had hosts + gavin + peter todd to talk about his concerns (we never even made it to the 21 company)

    Should be out a week from Saturday

  • Re: 21 inc


    @mutatu Adam I'm not knowledgeable enough to make an informed answer. A couple of questions I guess is; would 21 Inc if their technology works, could it pose a risk I.e. would they become a large miner? Is bitcoin grown up enough to handle the likes of Mr Summer coming across from the dark side?

    We've got Peter Todd coming on this Thursday to talk about this.

    Gavin Andresen just confirmed for Thursday as well

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