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  • Re: Siacoin: alternatuve to storj

    That is an epic file hash lol. Any idea why they'd do that?

  • Re: OCTO stimulus interest test run

    @framelalife Exactly what we needed. But if we have a decent response we will have to lower the % to something reasonable.

    Can you explain the basic project of OCTO again? I thought I had access to a TCA forum but now I don't see it.

  • Re: DMD Diamond coin - 50% annual interest

    This looks like another any-crypto-could-be-the-one-why-not-me! attempt at replicating basic crypto functionality and tweaking the settings to try and get some network effect going

    Is there a problem DMD is trying ot solve or is it just trying to be another bitcoin?

  • Re: The Tatiana Show is missing

    Hey Mark,

    Tatiana got her PODCAST token that let her bypass editorial controls set up last week and this was the first episode she pushed live without it. LTB has certain minimum standards with regards to editing and content fit

    1 - It needs to be edited, or be good enough that it does not require editing 2 - It needs to be at least tangentially cryptocurrency related

    Tatiana posted an episode on creepy guys in the liberty movement that was just a straight transfer of a google hangout and had lots of organizational stuff in it that can be very easily edited out as well as lots of random microphone noise.

    So this particular episode sorta was a fail for the platform on both counts.

    You can finish listening to it here

    I spoke to @TatianaMoroz about it and she is looking into why the editor did not actually edit the piece. We also are getting her set up with one of the first LTB blogs so she'll be able to post episodes that are not bitcoin related just there while episodes that are applicable for the network as a whole can be posted both on her blog and on the front page of LTB

    We haven't been talking about it but the blog system is getting ready to come online, not every post will be on the front page any more. You can see some of the early test blogs here.

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