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  • Re: Devs and opinions needed for a podcast specific coin.

    This is basically what we've done here :)

    The way I look at it is we're growing a forest, not the worlds tallest tree. Let's Talk Bitcoin is one tree, maybe the first tree in this particular forest and the way things develop is the one tree grows to maturity and then seeds the area around it.

    Feel free to copy, improve and iterate on what we've done but don't waste time replicating :)

  • Re: Introducing Walletgenie


    @adam That makes sense, it's a narrative interface for dealing with daemons. We're working right now on how we want Swapbots to be discoverable but yeah we'll have some exciting opportunities for you soon.

    Well said - as always. It also conjures up interesting images. I may use that if you don't claim a TM :) I look forward to the opportunities as they arise.

    It's yours, thanks for contributing to the ecosystem I sent 100k ltbc your way.

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