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  • Re: Spam!

    Yeah it's pretty wild

    It's been worse recently because both I and mostly Nick have been super busy and not had time to do the normal fast clean-outs.

    I wish we had the resources to do this right now but we're already so slammed it's not even funny. Should have two pilot projects for deeper Tokenly integrations hitting in September/October

  • Re: 92.75% distributed. What's around the corner?

    @febo 92.75% is distributed, but distribution will still happen for longer then did so far. I just noticed some huge trades on Poloniex and went check this statistic. 270 millions LTBc traded in last 2 days, what is 55% of all available.

    I'm pretty positive that's a coordinate pump and dump, I wouldn't take it seriously.

  • Re: 92.75% distributed. What's around the corner?

    Click "Marketplace" above - You can buy Advertising with it now, just that in practice nobody does.

    Beyond that I can't discuss details at the moment.

  • Re: Was there no LTBc rewards distribution in July?

    Yeah I know what's up - We moved to using instead of the prototype distributor that's built into the LTB platform. I don't think Notifications are working with the new distributor.

  • Re: Was there no LTBc rewards distribution in July?

    There were distributions in July, @cryptonaut any thoughts?

  • Re: Spam!

    @cryptonaut yeah it's brutal, these credit card scammer guys are relentless. Pretty sure it's not even bots as they are getting past all captchas etc.. some sort of sweatshop or something.

    Adding a cost to posting spam solves the problem either way.

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