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  • Re: First article about Tokenly published

    @pairmike If I produced a startup show, would you and your team be available for interviews?

    Also, where is the swap bot for Tokenlys? What is the LTB per Tokenly amount?

    I've actually been working on something like this with a community member playing the role you describe and despite more than 4 recording sessions I have yet to produce something I feel is worth releasing.

    If you want to give it a try I'd make myself available, I actually have a "lets talk about the tokenly stack" episode we recorded back in February and that I never felt was appropriate to release (It was when I did several tokenly things on LTB)

    Here is the swapbot, LTB has a lower minimum (one TOKENLY instead of two when you buy it with BTC) and is about a dollar cheaper. If you use a TOKENLY to rent a swapbot it has an effective $7 value because thats the price people pay for it in BTC.

  • Re: First article about Tokenly published

    @pairmike Thanks for the update. No, I'm not an accredited investor, I will not be able to participate. However, will the funding received be tied to LTBCoin or are they separate?

    Also, would you be willing to do an interview(s) to describe various aspects of the funding process? It could be a show called the 'The Startup'. Let me know what you think?

    I've been really interested in doing a show called Token Startup that would basically do what you're proposing here but just haven't had the bandwidth to really devote to it.

    Basically we can't attach any sort of anything that looks like equity or interest to a token without causing a lot of problems - equity is being done entirely separately from tokens although we hope to have more options for future fundraising.

    We are offering already (haven't announced it yet) a TOKENLY token but it is a gift certificate not a token that should gain value over time. We do accept LTBCOIN for this as the best possible price. TOKENLY also is an access token for four or five private forums.

    In the future we hope to add more abilities to the token but no plans are on the roadmap until we can afford enough lawyer time to make it work legally.

  • Re: First article about Tokenly published

    @pairmike Adam, in the article it stated that you are filling for a series round. Is that correct? Also, will LTBholders be able to participate in the funding?

    We're getting ready to start taking appointments, to this point I'm just doing prep work and really have been focused on having the complete ecosystem working with our products and real customers demonstrating their use before I wanted to ask for money. We looked at a ton of options and felt like the best one to go with for this first fundraising would be private accredited investors / VCs who "get" the big picture of what we see in the future with tokens.

    So in this first event it's very unlikely you'll be able to participate unless you're an accredited investor but if you want to talk about your particular situation you can email me [email protected]

  • Re: First article about Tokenly published

    Yup, timing lined up well - We had a six month run of expire on the publishing date.

    We'll leave it up there for two or three days

  • Re: Accidental double spend

    @tintin Hi,

    I usually don't add much fee to transactions, I believe low or no fee transactions are such a great thing about bitcoin. Lately I ordered a lot of digital goods, subscriptions, games, etc online with bitcoin. A coinbase window prompted and I payed the amount (no confirmations required). But after a few days the transactions were still not confirmed. Electrum is the wallet I mainly use. It had problems synching all week now, so I decided to move the remaining funds to a different wallet. (I had to restore the seed everytime I wanted to do a transaction). At some point it wouldn't even connect, reinstalling did not help. So I logged in on my other pc, which also has the electrum wallet on it... and I did not see any transactions. I still had the x amount of bitcoin. So something was not right, I send x bitcoin to my fresh wallet (not electrum), but it did not arrive, the transaction was not even found on the blockexplorer! I managed to sync again on the first pc and did some more transactions. That went fine for a while, then all of a sudden all transactions were gone. Except one, the one sending everything to the fresh wallet. That now has a confirmation. So really odd, these transactions disappearing. My intention was to send the money to a new wallet cause electrum has trouble synching, not to cheat venders out of their money. I did almost one hundred transactions (all low amounts though) in that time, all gone. What are your thoughts on this? Should coinbase ask for a min of 1 confirmation? Does their 0 confirmation policy give me the right to scam them?

    tldr; Double spended many transactions during the spam attack (which is currently still going strong)

    Wow! That's a heck of a story. Consider this an upcoming topic on LTB with the hosts and I.

    So this was all instant-access stuff? Mind sharing a few of the sites you were finding all this content on to buy so I can take a look at the offerings?

  • UPDATE The New Renaissance #2 will be out July 25th

    Hey folks,

    On the first episode of The New Renaissance I said the next episode would be out in two weeks (today), in reality it's going to be another week because I haven't finished editing everything and need to take the day off instead of making sure it gets out :) Sorry for the delay, I think you'll enjoy what comes out of it.


    Update: It's going to be another week, sorry guys

  • Re: First article about Tokenly published

    Indeed, right now that answer is correct even if in the future it is incomplete :)

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