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  • Re: Success! LTBC stays on Poloniex

    @pooktwo I think this will actually raise the price of LTBC a little bit, check it out now, its at 58 at time of writing

    I have some orders in buying for the bulk LTBCOIN bot that we are making available for advertising buyers and bulk users. The intention is to recirculate these LTBc from vending machine -> redemption -> vending machine -> redemption and add to the available inventory over time.

  • Re: UPDATE The New Renaissance #2 will be out July 25th

    Just FYI I overbooked myself again this week (although we did record an awesome interview for episode four of TNR on thursday) and haven't had time to get the second episode right.

    Once we get going I don't want to miss weeks so i'm making an executive decision to push episode 2 for another week to get this right, I've got four hours allocated next week to finish episode 2.


  • Re: Contest trading reward LTB coin or another coin

    Personally I hope people do this stuff because it makes sense. How would you prove high profit? How would such a game operate?

  • Re: Cryptonaut's Token Emporeum



    If anybody wants to operate an LTBc buy/sell bot, let me know. (says Adam in Founder Forum)

    Maybe add LTBc too?

    There's already an official LTBCOIN bot run by LTB, but I wouldn't mind competing with it :p

    FYI guys some of the bots are saying "Out of stock" when they are not actually out of stock. Bug has been reported and should be fixed by tomorrow

    Actually @cryptonaut that bot is my personal one from LTBc I've earned through the show, you're welcome to run your own and actually I'd encourage you to do so since you'll be adjusting your price way more than I do.

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