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  • Re: Tokenly Issues

    @skwibity Sorry if this is the wrong place for this... But maybe others are having the same issues.

    I have used the "swapbots" twice...

    Why are you not given an option to give an address to send the coins to???

    I found this very weird but just figured maybe it knew my LTB site address and continued...

    I tried to buy 250 Tatianacoins, 1 XCPCARD and 1 Shumicard....

    Both times the bot took my money no problem... Where the coins went... who knows?

    Here's the address they went to 1NaKWarKp8Sj8ZNXngaFm3353f9JAMA7rS

    I don't know who controls this address?

    I'm sure I'm missing something that I was suppose to do...


    Also, the swapbot sends tokens back to the address that paid it explicitly because it eliminates concerns of money transmission AND it makes it so swapbot addresses can function like satoshi dice used to, no interaction required besides sending tokens to the swapbot which means they're hugely more versatile than a vending machine that requires everyone use a standardized interface in addition to sending payment through the bitcoin network.

    This will become more obviously valuable as time goes on.

  • Re: Tokenly Issues

    Just saw this, next time you can email [email protected] or click the "need help" link on all swapbot pages to reach customer support directly.

    To your point above

    Also, I spent the coins a while back not knowing they were "in" the KryptoKit wallet.

    Actually unless you've intentionally spent the cards you purchased to your kryptokit address, you still posess them. Unlike colored coins, Counterparty tokens (which the cards are) are "account based" so there is no possibility that you spent the bitcoin pieces that contained your cards. They do not contain your cards. Your cards are owned by your address.

    I'm actually not sure how to bail out of kryptokit because it doesnt give you a private key, it gives you a brainwallet if i'm not mistaken. I don't know how to recover that in something outside of kryptokit but if you can figure out the private key for your kryptokit address you can import it into

    Re: bigger, more obvious warning yes I agree. The warning we have in place now has cut down the majority of this issue but one that is outside the description text would probably solve it.

  • Re: Spell of Genesis Crowd Sale - Invest or pass?

    I'm planning on playing the game so my intent is to get some of their bitcrystals.

  • Re: Offering LTBCOIN for EARLY token


    @eshriek @morguk can't wait any more. I'm using the swapbot to trade an EARLY for a TOKENLY. Sorry, if you didn't see this offer in time. Hope you are still interested. EARLY is a worthwhile token to have.

    Sorry man, did you trade it? If not I'll send you the 40k LTBC.

    I saw it come through on the vending machine so I think the ship has sailed

  • Re: Offering LTBCOIN for EARLY token


    @adam Basically an address can only be assigned to one user account at a time so you'd need to keep switching which account has it verified or you'd need to send the token back and forth to the different addresses.

    But theoretically you could programmatically "timeshare" a token. It could be a browser app (like a modified version of pockets) that listens for a user to log out of When that occurs, the app could automatically send the token to another wallet. You'd have to wait for the other person to log out or the browser app could set a timer to trigger the transfer. This would be good for the token user, but not for the token provider. I'm guessing there are measures that could be put in place to mitigate this (and there is no way in hell that I could build such a browser extension)

    Given that there is a per transfer fee to use the bitcoin network, I don't actually have a problem with this. If you create this automation and make it open source I'll tip you a bunch of TOKENLY :)

  • Re: Anyone Mining Ether Tomorrow?

    I got stuck creating the genesis block, any easier now yet?

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