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  • Re: Upcoming Bitcoin Hard Fork & /r/bitcoin censorship

    Some Questions for @Cryptonaut and anyone else with relevant knowledge:

    • Can you talk about how this fork will work and when you expect LTB / Tokenly to make this switch? We'll just be running the new software whenever you get around to upgrading and nothing will change until there is a critical mass? That would imply to me this is a real non-event from our point of view, so long as you switch sometime before the average bitcoin node you'll have a smooth eventual transition.

    • Is there a downside to this change? Are we losing anything?

    • If blocks stayed the same size we know fees would go up as the bid for space becomes more competitive. In BitcoinXT the blocks are going to get bigger, do you expect fees to stay the same as they are now, or do you think they'll decrease as blocks suddenly become a lot less full proportionally?

    I have more questions, this is a very interesting turn of events.

  • Re: New TCA Remittance forum

    @longlostfriend I put some more up for sale on Counterparty. You can buy one with either XCP or LTBCOIN. Remember that you only need one for access to the forum.

    I like the initiative but I don't use the dex and I prefer to spend btc (save my xcp!)

    I sent you a TOKENLY, you can use it to set up a swapbot for the purpose

  • Re: 66.25+ Bitcoins Lost, Please Help!

    Even with a 51 character password you might be able to get in by employing a group like

    That's what I would do, basically you give them what you think the password is and they try to brute force it with millions of variations on the password trying to find the mistype.

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