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  • 250,000LTBCOIN offered - Create a visualization of the Tokenly Github using Gource

    I love these. They can be generated using, please create and upload ones to cover the Tokenly Ecosystem. I'm not comfortable using the command line interface so I'd like to offer 250,000 LTBCOIN to the first who calls it and then delivers within 24hrs.

    Let me know if you have any questions, please post if you intend to do it.

    If you need music, pull something from here

  • Re: The Tokenly Ecosystem Rolls into Alpha - Swapbot & Tend services now available.

    @brettthomson Not sure if this is the best location so let me know if there is a better thread for Tokenly/Swapbot improvement suggestions.

    SOG have been having flash sales of cards which when they are first released are a complete fluke to acquire a card with people just randomly sending coins to the bot prior to actual stocking and lucking into a purchase.

    My suggestion is that swapbot operators like SOG who have say X number of assets which they would like to sell to the public and would like to recover X amount overall from the sale and they would like to drip feed the cards out with a slowly increasing price. It would be great if operators could preload the swapbot with the asset for sale. Tell the bot they would like to recover X from the totals sales between a start and end date and to randomly stock the bot a minimum of X and maximum of X starting at X per unit increasing until sold out ensuring the overall income is X

    This would allow allow for a fairer flash sale as the actual sale time/s is not know by anyone other than the bot, the number of assets for sale could be 2 or 5 or 50 depending on the min/max values set when configuring the swapbot and people in any timezone stand the same chance/luck of the bot opening for sale while they are awake.

    A further feature could be if the bot could open for sale and then as soon as the first person to complete a trade with the bot occurs, the bot posts to social media it is open for business.

    Just my 2 cents worth after spending many hours refreshing various swapbots in the hope of securing a SOG assets and often missing out purely on luck and nothing else. Often at the wee hours of the morning in Australia when I really should be sleeping, but SOG cards have been on sale during CEST business hours.

    Hey Brett, thanks for the suggestion, this is a fine place to post it as any. Here's what we have planned:

    Before any tokens are loaded the operator will define the "price thresholds" which the bot will then adhere to according to how many cards have been sold.

    The list looks like this

    Sold | Current Price

    0 | 100

    25 | 150

    50 | 200

    100 | 300


    Then they load up the bot with all thousand or two thousand cards and the whole progression is automated which would dramatically cut down on the number of refunds required, etc.

    This is on the roadmap but not on the short term roadmap, we're currently working on fixing tokenly services to be immune to this malleability problem which has been hitting us hard for three weeks and is doing a lot to exacerbate the flash sale problems in todays and last weeks releases. basically our system allocated inventory based on transaction ID so when the transaction ID of a deposit changes from when it is broadcast to when it gets into the blockchain, it causes big problems in our existing system. That happened to at least five transactions in todays release and it caused a big jam-up that had to be manually recovered. This is a known issue and we've been upgrading our systems for several weeks now to address it, that should improve things quite a bit when it rolls out next week.

    Besides that we're working on Whitelist bots which means that Spells of Genesis can start to sell cards to partners at reduced prices, which should increase the availability as well. Right now all roads lead through SoG's single bots but in the near future we think people will be running their own bots selling SoG cards for whatever they can. That should do a lot to alleviate this pressure as well, someone will buy the cards and instead of just sitting on them they'll relist them at 4x the price and people who are too slow to get one in a flash sale will buy a more expensive one second hand to save themselves the trouble.

  • Re: Control Devices in Real Time with Bitcoin and Tokens?

    @dsmalone I just created a website called which is a live demonstration of how bitcoin can be used to control real world devices. Currently, it's a very simple setup of 3 buckets and each bucket has a corresponding bitcoin address. The amount of bitcoin sent to a specific address proportionately fills the bucket with water and then will tip over. You can send amounts as small as 0.0005btc ($0.12).

    My question for this forum is what if instead of bitcoin we used a token to control the devices. By sending a token to an address a callback api would trigger a real world action? I think I saw a bounty for someone to create a Tokenly callback API which would be incredibly awesome to control devices in the real world by possessing a digital token. For example, if I possess a certain token I am now allowed to open certain doors, devices, control valves, etc....

    I know the aspects of TCA have been discussed before on the forums pertaining to digitial goods but I was hoping to get more feedback on TCA used for real world devices. Also any feedback on our site Ucontrol.TV is much appreciated.

    The TCA API is on the to-do list still, Devon has already done the precursor work needed in Tokenly Accounts so not too much left to do, just a gigantic to-do list everywhere else and still only Devon and Nick actively developing.

    Tell us what changes you need made to to support what you want to do, that might already give you all the tools needed.

    Controlling physical items is interesting, happy to support it as much as possible with our very limited development resources.

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