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  • Re: The Tokenly Ecosystem Rolls into Alpha - Swapbot & Tend services now available.

    @kylerk Really impressed by all the new developments in Tokenly. Just setup my Tokenly Pocket in chrome and ran into one problem. I tried to encrypt it with a strong Lastpass generated wallet. Which means I have to copy and then paste from Lastpass. So I copy and past the password in, but now that tokenly is open, I want to copy and past something into the digital signature section, but I can't because if I click away from it, it closes and I have to put my password in.

    This means the only way that I can paste info into Tokenly pocket is to encrypt it with a fairly simple password that I can't type in. Which is just something I am not used to doing.

    Anyways, the whole token experience is so much smoother than the counterparty days! Amazing improvement.

    Hey Kyler, thanks for your comments - We really like the chrome extension format but that quirk of not being able to click anywhere on the browser without it closing does get annoying in certain situations.

    Happily, we've already thought about this a fair amount and wallet developer Joe Looney built a "Fund Development" app into the wallet itself and this is one of the features that can be expedited if the community supports it.

    Here's how this works.

    If you haven't installed Tokenly Pockets, it's free, fast, keys never leave your computer, is compatible with your existing 12 word Counterparty passphrase and works even when Counterwallet doesn't.

    With the wallet open, click the third tab (Apps) and select "Fund Development"

    Here's the item you're looking for.

    Joe is looking for about $100 worth of combined value to push this feature to the top of his implementation list.

    You can swap LTBCOIN, TOKENLY, Bitcoin or BITCRYSTALS (valued at 2 cents each) for POCKETCHANGE here

    There are several other items that can be expedited

  • Re: The Tokenly Ecosystem Rolls into Alpha - Swapbot & Tend services now available.

    This stuff is so cool. Check this out:

    Instead of running a store, you could run a for-profit lending library. Members would buy a library card token that would have a face value of about half of the library cards purchase value, so if you paid $20 for a card you could rent cards worth up to $10 total. The library would have a bunch of swapbots set up that both sell and rent a particular card. You'd buy it as normal but to rent it you'd send the equivilent amount of your library card instead. You'd use the card and if you like it you'd go back to the swapbot and pay the price in bitcoin or bitcrystals or whatever and your library card would be sent back to you. If you don't want to buy it, you just send back the card and your library card would be sent back to you.

    You'd load up each cards bot with the library card tokens so anybody who doesn't have a library card but who has that limited edition card can sell it to the bot in exchange for the corresponding amount of library card. And if someone walks off without returning their card, that's okay too because they paid effectively double the value for it because the library card has a 50% face value in what it can rent.

  • Re: The Tokenly Ecosystem Rolls into Alpha - Swapbot & Tend services now available.

    @rtylersmith The LTBCARD or the ZAIFCARD? I didn't purchase any LTBCARDs because I could never catch the swapbots refills in time. With the ZAIFCARD release I bought 20 in the first hour (both because of unlimited availability and the discounted price). It is not because I preferred the ZAIFCARD, but I have been so frustrated by the lack of availability of cards, that I decided to make a statement and show my support for the new release process. I am a black level partner, so in the future most of my purchases will be through the partner store where I get 15% off. But they are already throttling the number of purchases you can make there, so high volume purchasers may have to overflow into the player store or beyond.

    Will the LTBCARD be offered in the Partner or Player stores?

    I was talking about the ZAIFCARD, I saw that purchase and wondered - Good to know!

    I imagine (but don't know) that SoG will split wholesale and retail inventory into two different bots so there would be two different official inventory amounts. How are they going to throttle purchases? I'd love to learn more about what the terms and practices around being a partner are, I would have gone for reseller level if I wasn't financing Tokenly lol.

    Keep in mind, you can buy second hand cards with your bots as well and could even issue your own redeemable bitcrystals style token that you pay to people when they trade in their cards and which they can then use as store credit with all your bots to exchange for whatever card(s) they want from your inventory, so it's not just official SoG vending machines you'll be able to acquire inventory from

  • Re: The Tokenly Ecosystem Rolls into Alpha - Swapbot & Tend services now available.

    @rtylersmith @brettthomson and @adam

    Great comments guys! The Spells of Genesis project is fantastic. It is revealing so many new use cases and opportunities for improvement. It is driving innovation. I am a big supporter and hope to see those Whitelisted Swapbots in operation sooner rather than later. It has been a drain trying to watch twitter and run to the swapbot before everyone else.

    What did you think of the latest card launch?

  • Re: Monetas (Commercial version of Open Transactions) Integrates with Tunisian Postal Service

    @rtylersmith Adam, I agree with you! This is a big deal, but I feel like no one is plugged into Open Transactions because it is not a "blockchain" in the strictest definition. I love that you continue to bring OT into the discussion on the podcast because I feel people are ignoring a really fantastic complimentary techonology to bitcoin and other blockchains.

    I was a little disappointed in Andreas (who I think is fabulous generally) and Stephanie when you guys discussed the release of Monetas in Tunisia. They came off as completely anti-government and would not even entertain the idea that Monetas had made a breakthrough in getting a government to launch a real life pilot test of a crypto-finance platform. Have we become so focused on our political philosophies that we cannot see the significance and celebrate the successes of non-cypherpunk related projects?

    In my mind, acceptance of things like Monetas/Open Transactions in mainstream commerce brings us one step closer to mass adoption of more decentralized technologies. And for that I say, CONGRATULATIONS Monetas!

    It's always funny when Andreas and Stephanie make me feel like a real moderate by comparison!

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