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  • Re: I want to crowdfund a Bitcoin neon sign for local biz.

    Generally you'd use a token in crowdfunding because there is some kind of reward or prize that you want people to be able to use in token form. Is the owner willing to do store credit, or a "beer on tap", "$1 worth of credit" or something? If that's the case you'd just create and sell that token and only load the vending machine with however many you need to raise the amount you want. If you don't reach your goal you can refund all the current holders easily and the token will be invalid.

    We don't really have any brick and mortar point of sale token redemption solutions yet but there are Counterparty compatible mobile clients on both iOS and android. The way it would work for now is the owner would need to have the wallet installed on a mobile device and they could take payment via the mobile device.

    If you're just wanting to crowdfund without giving any rewards I'd say just set up a bitcoin address, although you could set up a Tend store to also allow you to accept credit cards.

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