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  • Re: Mobile Counterparty Wallet is available for both Android and iOS!

    @framelalife I have another coffee shop I'm currently in talks with to hold a bitcoin meetup monthly and accept bitcoin. They may be interested in using a token as a points card system and Indie Square makes that possible. I am going to walk them through setting up their own token and show them swapbots/tend to see if they are interested in shipping coffee. They currently sell coffee by the pound at a discounted rate for fiat, but I believe it's only local. Glad to see both Tokenly and Indie Square gaining steam!

    I feel it appropriate to mention we're offering an ongoing 20% commission for salespersons and account managers. Contact me privately if you're interested.

  • Tokenly's Spells of Genesis Collectable Card Trader

    Come one, come all! We've got some rare cards currently in stock for those on the hunt for RIPPLECARD or a GENESISCARD as well as a few others. In addition to offering cards to you for sale, this 'bot will accept many SoG cards and pay you TOKENLY, redeemable for your own vending machine or store services.

    Check back often as this bot will be updated as cards sell out and new ones come in.

  • Re: Mobile Counterparty Wallet is available for both Android and iOS!

    Forgot to mention, all paid user tiers have a 14 day free trial

  • Re: Mobile Counterparty Wallet is available for both Android and iOS!

    @cointea1121 @adam This is just terrific! Thank you so much for adding this feature and users of our wallet will love it! At least I do as an IndieSquare wallet user myself haha.

    I have never tested Tend yet but if I'm not mistaken,it's still in a closed beta testing phase? I would definitely like to give it a try and test it out. Let me know where I can find more information about it and if you need a tester, I would love to be one.

    Yes, future collaborations are a strong possibility and I think what Tokenly offers and IndieSquare Wallet as well as tools we are building now complement each other quite well.

    Thanks again and I'm really excited to bring better experience for both Tokenly and IndieSquare users.

    Tend is in an open alpha at this point although we have not announced it publicly :) Anyone can make an account at - The things that are missing from Tend at this point, and which will be in before we launch (and announce) alpha 2 are:

    1 - New Design (right now it's still the development design)

    2 - Paid user tiers - No Transaction Fees - (2.99/mo for 1 item, no digital downloads) (29.99 for unlimited items, a personalized embedable catalog and download-on-payment fulfillment)

    3 - The ability to add a Swapbot or Auction as an item in your catalog.

    You can see an embedded store with downloadable items at Tatiana Moroz's page and next month at launch we'll be rolling out stores for Contraband Coffee, the LTB Network and a few other early users.

  • Re: Mobile Counterparty Wallet is available for both Android and iOS!

    Please to announce that QR code support will be in Swapbot tomorrow, and it's already in our Tend store system today. @cointea1121 We're really happy you guys are pushing on the mobile space, really solving a problem and want to support you as much as possible. We look forward to future collaborations which I think are going to get fun.

    Keep up the good work!

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