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  • Big Upcoming Announcement & The Return of LTB

    On Thursday there will be a major announcement on the future of LTB Network and LTBCOIN. The LTB show will be resuming weekly episodes on Sunday March 26th..

    • Thursday March 23rd: Major announcement on the front page of LTBN
    • Sunday March 26th: Let's Talk Bitcoin! resumes with a catch-up-on-what-we-missed episode featuring Andreas, Stephanie and I.
    • Tuesday March 28th: Epicenter Bitcoin where we discuss the LTBN announcement a bit more as well as Tokenly's upcoming releases
  • Re: No LTB Episode (Delayed a week)

    No episode today, haven't finished the edit.

    This might be out before the normal LTB date if I get time to finish before next Sunday.

    Sorry for the delay

  • Re: LTBCoin delisting from poloniex

    You should do whatever you want, just like always. I'm not introducing any new information, just saying that the token continues to serve its purpose even if it's not traded on any markets.

  • Re: LTBCoin delisting from poloniex

    I do see your posts guys, but I can't comment or do anything. Being delisted is not the end.

  • Re: Info on rewards mechanism: To thurday (PoP rebooting) to today... the PoP not be take in account and when it was, it forgot lot of PoP

    Can you give me more information on this problem?

  • LTB #319 releasing on December 25th (no show today)

    Hey folks, Andreas, Stephanie and I recorded a full show with JJ of the implementation originating out of Was a good episode, needs more editing than I've had time to do yet and will be out next Sunday (Christmas!) instead of today. We're also planning on doing an end of the year show.

    Hope everyone is having a warm holiday season, see you soon.

  • Re: Indie square issue

    It'll be easier to show you. Soon.

  • Re: Indie square issue

    @elma Thank for sharing this view Adam,

    And yes i anderstand both, the problem of saturation and, the ugly day for SoG and "black" black friday... If just a small part of user can made indie square or book of orbs transaction, swapbot will doesn't serve like they should......

    Our new ecommerce solution for tokens solves this problem to a large degree, Swapbot was built for a world of a functional bitcoin network, full blocks and a very large backlog have increasingly disrupted the user experience so we're getting ready to transition. All-in-all, the sales actually went pretty well. Backlog cleared in less than a day.

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