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  • Re: Avoiding shallow articles

    This is a big reason why Proof-of-Value is in play instead of just proof-of-quality. Quality is an indication of finish and detail while value deals with usefulness, originality, utility. If you just post technically proficient but useless pieces, you'll get an equal share from PoQ and a small or no share of PoV.

    Also there is room for curation by senior editorial in allocating Proof of Publishing points, so if a post is only 1000 words but it's really important, it can be classified as "important thought" which is worth 3x as much as a standard 1000 word blog post.

    This could also be done with multipliers

  • Re: Built in Internal and External Analytics

    We are building a custom content management system, I will ask about that. Just pointed nick (the dev) at this forum.

  • Re: Incorporating experiments into the reward structure

    We are developing a giant firehose of content so user curation is mandatory, I'm in favor of lots of experimentation but this is a reason I want to get a CTO involved.

  • Re: Incorporating experiments into the reward structure

    One non-monetary way is being done with design. Basically the new LTB platforms (web and app) will have show/blog specific feeds. Users will be able to toggle off ones they don't like, but that creates another problem - content once switched off can be forgotten, and sometimes it is more valuable than it was when you made your judgement.

    With that in mind, if a blog post or episode has a much greater impact than normal (say, 50% more traffic than average) it causes the toggle to flash or somehow indicate that there is value here worth looking at that might not have been there when last they looked.

    What other ideas do you have?

  • Re: How many total LTBcoins should there be?

    Haha, I like the way you're thinking but I don't want to make this too complicated. We don't know what the right answer is, and I'd rather have a conversation about it than make a contest out of something that is arbitrary.

    There will be lots of bounties, but I don't want to get started committing to a bunch of bounties when everything has to be done manually on the forum and more importantly, I'm going to be paying the bounty with funds I don't yet have.

    Bounties will be built up once we have the weekly issuance start.

  • Here before the LTBCoin Launch? Get your part of the initial disbursement for the Initial Community

    We'll be distributing a TBD quantity of LTBcoins to people who are actively contributing to the conversation here pre-launch. The day before we launch, all users who have more than 5 posts and aren't obvious trolls will get an equal portion of the pre-community coins.

    So ask any questions, start your own conversations and get in on some of those launch LTB!

    Haven't heard what this is all about? Here is is again!

  • How else should the Audience "Mine" LTB? - Proof of Tip and Proof of Comment

    I have a couple interesting methods in development, but I wanted to introduce the idea of having a set amount of LTBcoins that is distributed daily to people who Tip, and people to comment. These could come from the same pool of value, or each have their own.

    Lets say there are 100 LTBcoins that will be distributed in a day to tippers. If one person tips .000001BTC or LTB and they are the only one, they would get all 100LTB. If 1000 people tip .01BTC in a day, they each get 0.1LTB. It is a system that rewards an encourages people to do whatever the incentivized action often because if they are the only ones at the time, they stand to gain financially even from a donation.

    The same logic can be applied to Commenting. Comments (weighted by upvotes?) could have a set amount of LTB distribute hourly or daily, so the act of writing a good comment could be a profitable endeavor whereas a comment that is voted below the cut-off line does not qualify for the distribution of funds.

    What else adds value? How would you like to earn LTBcoins as a member of the audience?

  • How many total LTBcoins should there be?

    So, I've been working on the numbers. and right now we're looking at issuing about 191,000 units the first month which puts an average show at around 3700 LTBcoin for an episode, 1200LTB or so for a blog entry and the numbers are only going to go down from there. After five years we'll have about 3.2 million LTBcoins at which point issuance ends.

    Would it be better to add a zero to the end of everything and pay millions in the beginning? People seem more generous with Doge than they do with Litecoin, so since one of the major intended uses of this is Tipping perhaps this makes sense?

  • The Proof of Publishing Protocol

    LTBCoin will be distributed via the Proof of Publishing protocol. At this time the protocol is comprised of two incomplete documents, titled ACTS: A Market for Media and Proof of Publishing

    This post will be updated as the protocol develops over the next weeks.

  • LTBCoin and the start of Private Network Tokens

    TL;DR - We're changing the world, reinventing how media is created and getting rich. You should totally get in on this if you're into that sort of thing.

    Most coins are valuable because of the network that uses them, first creating a coin and then attempting to bring in service providers who will accept it, thus giving utility to the coin and therefore value. Bitcoin had a bit of a chicken/egg problem, needing to widely distribute this thing to be decentralized but not wanting to give it away in an uncontrolled fashion. Computational mining was the solution they arrived on, it limited the people who would get access to the early Bitcoins to those who were biased towards technically savvy early adopters rather than those generally early recipients of “new money”

    LTBCoin is the proprietary token for the LTB Network. It is the exclusive token we accept for Sponsorships, it will achieve you a significant discount in the network wide and ACT-specific ecommerce stores, can be used in our upcoming network app for tipping, and will generally be increasingly useful in every corner of the LTB universe.

    LTBCoin is not a mined currency, it is a user-asset created on the CounterParty protocol which is itself built on the Bitcoin network. If you have a Bitcoin address, you have a Counterparty address - they are one and the same. Counterparty uses a special wallet that can see the XCP (Counterparty’s internal currency), or user assets (like LTBcoin) associated with any given Bitcoin address, and if you control the private keys to that Bitcoin address than you control any XCP or LTBcoin attached to it.

    The full supply of LTBcoin will be distributed at a decreasing rate over the course of five years. The vast majority of LTBcoin will be distributed in the first three years. Each week a new portion of coins will “ripen” (be created according to the schedule) and be distributed based on the LTB Network Publishing Protocol.

    60% of new LTBcoins will be distributed to ACTS who successfully publish media on the LTB Network. 25% of new LTBcoins will be distributed to the audience through giveaways, promotions and Game Shows. 10% of new LTBcoins will go to fund the platform which includes but is not limited to distribution (radio broadcasting fees, off-network advertising, mobile applications, platform improvements, maintenance legacy network inclusion funds, etc) 5% of LTBcoins are to cover administrative costs, insurance, accounting, lawyers, and essential staff.

    Those tokens will start off with a low, basically unknown value just like any other cryptocurrency but because we already make content here at the Let's Talk Bitcoin! network, these tokens allow our work to be quantified and rewarded. The market will judge our work through our token and over time determine its per piece value as denominated in LTBCoin.

    What we're doing here has never been done, it's an experiment. It could fail and the tokens rendered worthless. But that's actually not a different outcome than any other point in the history of Let's Talk Bitcoin, and I'm not much afraid of failure any more.

    If on the other hand we succeed, even the success of a minority of shows or stories will drag up the value for all holders of the token no matter how they acquired it. Because we can set the course of our own economics, we will create incentives that reward this behavior for the individuals who achieve it.

    As I write this, we're days or weeks away from the launch of the experiment. Counterparty a mastercoin-like protocol is our vehicle and we wait the release of its multi-currency, locally encrypted web wallet that will support, among other things, one of the first truly decentralized exchanges.

    So thanks for being here, journeys into the unknown are always better with companions. I look forward to mapping this brave new world with you over the next months and years.

    Adam B. Levine, March 7th, 2014 Editor-in-Chief, Let's Talk Bitcoin!

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