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  • Re: LTBCoin and the start of Private Network Tokens

    Mastercoin also has a multi-coin wallet. Both of them are on the verge of release.

  • Re: Here before the LTBCoin Launch? Get your part of the initial disbursement for the Initial Community

    Altcoins with a purpose are different than altcoins because its fun to mine with your graphics card.

    I think we're doing a first-of-breed with LTBcoin, it's a coin that powers an ecosystem of content.

  • Introduce yourself!

    We're all new at first.

    My name is Adam, I'm the show runner for the Let's Talk Bitcoin! show, I also create content, edit audio, announce, and write.

    I'm married and live in northern california with my wife and my parents. We raise, among other things, Quackless Muscovy Ducks and Guinea Fowl

    I have been thinking about what Cryptocurrency can do for Content Monetization since the very beginning, this talk entitled Youtube is Broken: Rethinking Content Monetization with Bitcoin

  • Re: How else should the Audience "Mine" LTB? - Proof of Tip and Proof of Comment

    (comment below threshold)

    Not all comments with a negative score are useless. There are some cases where herd mentality will bury someone's thoughtful critique of something that is assumed to be good. Case in point, I've told some folks following Satoshi's funds on the blockchain is a waste of time. Being a spectator with most of your resources doesn't contribute to the community. I immediately had a negative score on reddit.

    (add value)

    This will be hard, but I think up and down votes are too simplistic for good feedback. It would be nice to have other mechanisms that would correlate to badges. Like if a user always has a good handle on information they get a "brain bage". This could be triggered with a TIL (Things I learned) button or something similar

    If a user is funny, which has theraputic benefits, any user who laughs at their comment clicks a jester button that would contribute to their "jester badge".

    To make things more interesting the more folks click on jester or any more descriptive button related to a comment, the more that user can level up and be a level 3 jester or level 10 brainiac.

    This would be far more useful than reddit's karma and may even allow for the system to dish out lower rewards for lower levels and reserve slightly higher rewards for those who have earned their high badge levels over time.

    There also needs to be a badge for someone who finds a factual error or typo. This can help increase the quality of content and reward someone for their attention to detail.

    I agree with you on all of this, and that was one of the reasons I picked Vanillaforum to host our initial attempt. We should be able to integrate this into the system as a plugin with their API.

    As far as "not all negative comments are useless" you know I agree with you on this

  • Re: How else should the Audience "Mine" LTB? - Proof of Tip and Proof of Comment

    I think the commenting part will be hard to guard against gaming (like what happened to Digg). I'm not sure what metrics reddit uses, but link karma could be gamed (having swarms of sock puppets). What methods do you think can be used to combat this?

    I've been thinking about creating a reddit-like system where everybody gets a few votes free per day but otherwise you can send LTB to it if you want more voice.

  • Re: How many total LTBcoins should there be?

    I'd like to hear proposals on how many coins there should be rather than discussion of what the format for discussing how many coins there should be :)

    Right now I'm leaning towards the 10s of millions total tokens issued after the five years. Using our current allocations that puts issuance at around 30 million and means that initially people creating a lot of content will get paid tens or hundreds of thousands of units.

    I don't think hundreds of millions makes any sense, but again would like to hear feedback.

  • Re: Avoiding shallow articles

    Yes, that's correct. We've been going since April of 2013 without this system, and are publishing more and better content now than ever. Right now you'll be posted and exposed to our audience, your tip address included. By april of this year the new platform will be out for the web and we'll be getting close to the App platform.

    I don't believe it is appropriate to allocate coins in advance of being able to create them. I don't want to owe when it's a short time to wait, consider it practice.

  • Re: LTBCoin and the start of Private Network Tokens

    It is built on Bitcoin's blockchain, and so has the advantage of using the same addresses as Bitcoin which means that applications like Armory, although they cannot control user created assets (like LTBcoin) they can very safely store them.

    Unlike an altcoin, LTB will not have its own blockchain (using bitcoins) and it will be maintained by the Counterparty platform devs through platform level technical improvements rather than having an LTB specific coin development team.

    Counterparty makes the coin part the simple part and lets us focus on distribution and incentives.

    The only other comparable platform to CounterParty is Mastercoin, it has been around longer and has lots of funds for development but it has some quirks in its design, and some community/founder baggage. I am close with many of the people at the Mastercoin project but feel like Counterparty has been able to more consistently deliver.

    Here are screen shots from the upcoming open source, federated, locally encrypted multi-currency web-wallet called CounterWallet

  • Re: Avoiding shallow articles

    You can consult the Proof of Publishing rate sheet - These are non-final and basically guidelines at this point. This is analogous to Hashing Power in Bitcoin mining, with LTB you generate POP. It is calculated and compared to all other teams POP over the same time period, then the weekly distribution amount is split up according to their proportional contribution.

    Accepted Works fall into these categories Written Works: “Blog Post” - >600 Words - .5 POP “Column/Article” - >2000 words - 1 POP Important, New Thought - >5000 Words - 2 POP

    Audio Works: “Quick Hit” - >10 minutes, produced (edited if required) 1 POP “Half” - 28-35 minutes, produced (edited if required) 2 POP “Episode” - 50-54 minute, produced (edited if required) - 3 POP

    Video Works: “Explainer” - >10 minute produced, edited, visualized video. 2 POP “Hangout” -> 30+ minute automagically produced 2 POP “Full Show” 30-60m Produced, edited, visualized video - 4 POP

  • Re: Asynchronous Content Creation

    Can you explain this more?

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