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  • Re: Metacoins! Here's what I've got, which ones am I missing? Whats your favorite?

    Yes, whoever gets the DEX (decentralized exchange) right is going to be rewarded with a big pot of gold.

    The funny part is, because all these developments are open source whoever solves it is also going to solve it for all their competitors, or at least dramatically simplify it so whoever wins will only win temporarily and then have to be performing at top efficiency or lose to competition bootstrapping on their innovation.

    It's an interesting environment, not sure there's ever been anything like it.

  • Metacoins! Here's what I've got, which ones am I missing? Whats your favorite?

    So, I personally hold (in order of acquiring)

    MSC - Mastercoin PTS - Protoshares XCP - Counterparty AGS - Angelshares (Non-tradable PTS) NXT - Non-Blockchain based 2.0 NRS - Noirshares (an experimental Distributed Company that is not autonomous)

    and I plan to acquire Ether during the initial fundraise.

    I do NOT own XRP (ripple) because I don't see the point in owning a token that has 99 billion units created and the vast majority of them held by the parent corp with no announced plans on the schedule to resolve that.

    I also do NOT own eMunie or some of the more exotic new non-blockchain based techs mostly because I do not have time to learn about them.

    The defining factor for me of a 2.0 currency is these are Platforms intended to be Money plus... something. Some support the trade of other tokens (like LTBcoin) on top of them. Some are more complicated like Ethereum that allow for literally any kind of smart contract to be enacted, whereas others like PTS are really proto-2.0s, that are 1.0 chains which deliver a 2.0 (Bitshares) product.

    I think it's important to have your finger in as many of the pies as possible in Crypto, it helps you look at your stake in each one objectively and make rational decisions about how they're doing since you have other points of reference to compare against. There's no roadmap available for what we're doing, so share your own observations from the journey so far and lets compare notes.

  • When did you first start listening to LTB? What is your favorite episode?

    How long have you been listening? What's your favorite episode?

  • Re: Avoiding shallow articles

    Web is underway, iOS is about to start, more feature rich android app that includes wallet is in talks with debs

  • Re: How else should the Audience "Mine" LTB? - Proof of Tip and Proof of Comment

    Proof of sharing? All shares in a day split the days share allocation?

  • Re: LTBCoin and the start of Private Network Tokens

    The web wallet will be HTML5 based and so fully cross-compatible

  • Re: How else should the Audience "Mine" LTB? - Proof of Tip and Proof of Comment

    I like the idea of affiliate programs a bunch, hadn't thought about it in an audience acquisition capacity.

    I'm involved with the development of a project that basically abstracts mining and localizes the competition. You might understand what I mean by that or not, but I think it will be a big deal and intend to be an early user of the tech in a LTB "viewing room"

  • Re: Here before the LTBCoin Launch? Get your part of the initial disbursement for the Initial Community

    Thanks for all the responses so far, my other question is: what can you redeem for LTBCoin? Aside from its fiat-based correlation later on, what did you have in mind for say 100000 LTBC? Can you redeem them for advertising time? For schwag? It's a very neat idea, I suspect other hosts/editors will watch this use-case to see how it develops.

    Part of the switch will involve moving the sale of sponsor time only in LTBcoin. These slots will be sold informally at first, but we'll be moving towards having monthly sponsor time auctions where people bid live and sponsors send representatives to try and get some cheap time. That also means the "price" doesn't matter, because it's people interested in the thing competing against each other based on their LTBcoin resources.

    I expect some early members to buy sponsor slots then go shop the time to sponsors who will pay them in bitcoin or dollars (more than they paid worth of LTBcoin since not many people understand it).

    The idea here is to "leave money on the table" so people come along and do the work, and get some of that money.

  • Re: Please share your prior experiences with structured volunteer marketing or community support

    Great thread.

    From 2004-2007 I ran, a gaming community blog, podcast and community.

    From 2009-2011 I was the design (and unofficial community) lead of - I also led the "Shoutcast" community for this effort

    For the last few years, I've also gotten involved with multiple Kickstarters and learned a lot watching single founders fail over and over again.

  • Re: Idea to Encouraging Tipping

    yes sir ;)

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