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  • LTBCoin or LTBcoin?

  • LTBcoin Launch Day Distribution

    At the start of the Genesis Week (TBA), when content distributed through the LTB network begins qualifying for POP (Proof of Publishing), the first weeks distribution is different than the ones that come after.
    50% of the first week's tokens are to be distributed to the pre-launch LTBCoin community (this forum) in a variety of ways (still thinking of more)A portion will be split between all users on the LTBcoin forum who have more than 5 posts and aren't trolls. A portion will be split between all the users on the LTBcoin forum who are identified as the most useful individuals active in the pre-launch period, this list will be mostly chosen by the Editor-in-Chief and will be a status one achieves, with the number growing over time between now and launch A portion will be split between all users who author documents or other presentation level materials Propose other initiatives
    50% of the first week's tokens are to be distributed to key members of the LTB team who helped build Let's Talk Bitcoin! to the point where something like LTBcoin is possible.  This list only includes people who I feel performed a whole bunch of work for which I did not pay them because we couldn't.  These individuals include Andreas M. Antonopoulos (Host of LTB)Stephanie Murphy (Host of LTB)Adam B. Levine (Editor-in-Chief)Brian C. (Writer of some of our early popular written work)Michael S. (Interim CTO July 2013- Nov 2013, implemented and oversaw the Wordpress Platform)James S. (Runs our Youtube channel as a volunteer, does all conversion, enormous help)George E. (Managing Editor August 2013-December 2013 - Small allocation as his work was paid, albiet poorly)Denise L. (Managing Editor on the written side since 2014. Unpaid.  Has done more than 50% of LTB editing in 2014)The Musicians of LTB!  This will be weighted by how much their music was used, Jared Rubens in the #1, General Fuzz (most of the transition music in 2014) in #2 and I'll have to look at old episodes to figure out the rest of the order.and I'm sure it should include a few more - If you feel you have been incorrectly left off the list, please contact me at [email protected] or via PM on the forums here.
    This is a one time event, the second week of distribution will begin the normal distribution schedule.
    Comments or suggestions are welcomed

  • Re: Cryptocurrencies & Gaming

    I'm interested in gaming, but not gambling.  We can't touch that as a california corporation.

  • Collaboration Tools and other Useful Things

    This thread will grow over time.     As part of the Autonomous Content Teams (ACTS) principle, rather than LTB editorial telling you what kinds of shows to form, you will organize amongst yourselves.    

    These teams require organization, Trello is the LTB team tool of choice for these things.  It allows you to set up ad-hoc collaborative "work boards" where tasks can be communicated and updated as needed.  This tool is free, and you will be able to hook into the greater LTB network's workflow there, or observe other ACTs personal boards.

    For those who use google products, Google Docs is the gold standard and it's a powerful tool.  For those who prefer open source options, Etherpad offers much of the same functionality without the "don't be evil vibe"

    Sqwiggle is a co-working application that replaces skype for teams that need to be in and out of communication over the day.  It has much richer chat options than gtalk or skype and is p2p.  It is free for teams of 3 and smaller - If this winds up being a popular tool with the community we'll be offering premium service for LTBcoin.

    Loomio is a tool for collaborative decisionmaking - Suggested by @lightcoin

    What tools should be added to this list?  

  • Re: How many total LTBcoins should there be?

    Ok, I tweaked the spreadsheet to reflect a final money supply of 50 million units.  I actually like the progression quite a bit, although the first month we'll be issuing nearly three quarters of a million per week!

    Each week the distribution is 99% (1% deflation) of the week before until the second year at which point it becomes 98% (2% deflation)...
    Year 3 is 97% per week (3% deflation)Year 4 is 96% per week (4% deflation)Year 5 is 95% per week (5% deflation)

  • Re: How many total LTBcoins should there be?

    mmanvil74 said: I think one idea would be to base the initial number of coins on a "visionary goal" of total market cap for LTBcoin at the end of the five years. For example, if we as participants determine the goal for LTBcoin total market cap to be worth $100 Million in 5 years (or $50 Million if that seems more realistic) then we could maintain a sort of visionary goal that one day, if our goal is reached, one LTBcoin will be worth $1 US Dollar. If we achieve that goal, not only are early holders of the coins rewarded exceptionally, but it makes the coin fairly easy to use at that point - a 2 LTB tip = $2. If we plant this idea in the minds of the contributors, we might just get there (whether it takes 5 years or 10 years who knows).

    Of course we have no idea if that market cap valuation will ever be achieved but it seems like a lofty yet reasonable goal to shoot for ($50 Million) which is roughly the market cap of a small scale startup. Adam will have to determine what number he thinks is more realistic but I think the goal of 1 LTB = $1 in 5 years could be considered an important milestone, yet long term enough so it wouldn't amount to an obsession or damage the intentions of the network. So my vote is 50 Million LTBCoin.

    At one time it might have seemed ridiculous that one Bitcoin would ever be worth $1.00 but now look at it...

    I really like this approach and think its the right way to do it.  I had considered making the asset callable (which is to say, at a set date and set price we could buy them back from holders wherever they were) but believe it's very important to be as confident as possible with such an endeavor.   50 million isn't a far off valuation, I believe TWIT is a 200 million company?

  • Re: How many total LTBcoins should there be?

    With Counterparty we only have the option of Divisible (8 decimals) or not divisible (no decimals) 
    But in practice I think it is useful to have decimals, nobody even thinks about them until the value is such that you would want them so I don't see a tangible downside to having them whereas it would be annoying to have the cheapest possible tx be $10 because a LTBcoin isn't divisible and we've been more successful than anticipated.

  • What Every Piece of Content Must Have to be Published & Paid

    Pieces of content eligible to receive POP (Proof of Publishing) points must have all of the following elementsIt must be a new original work or composite that consists primarily of new, original work
    It must be released on the LTB Network first or simultaneously as other platforms. We don't publish old contentIt must meet editorial and language standards as set out in the LTB Style Guide document (coming soon)It must be interesting, no resting on your laurels in the content gameIt must have a "Short" (30 words) and a long (max 150 words) summaryIt must have a 600x600 image that will serve as its cover art.  New art or variant per piece.This may seem like an intimidating list, but it's actually an opportunity.  Pieces of content that have all these elements will earn a lot of LTBcoin (50-60% of money supply is distributed via POP).  People can offer their services here on the forum for a share of the LTBcoin the piece of content generates.   To start this will be a fairly manual process, with people writing threads offering their services and advertising their rates.  
    Looking at the list above, we'll need editors, writers able to summarize and of course artists.    

    LTB will be right there in the mix offering our services for LTBcoin, helping catalyze a vibrant and competitive market for creative services.

  • Re: Metacoins! Here's what I've got, which ones am I missing? Whats your favorite?

    Tejano said:

    Adam said: Yes, whoever gets the DEX (decentralized exchange) right is going to be rewarded with a big pot of gold.

    The funny part is, because all these developments are open source whoever solves it is also going to solve it for all their competitors, or at least dramatically simplify it so whoever wins will only win temporarily and then have to be performing at top efficiency or lose to competition bootstrapping on their innovation.

    It's an interesting environment, not sure there's ever been anything like it.

    Very true.  The same goes for 'smart contracts' and DAC/DAO/DACPs/etc.  Once one group does it and describes it in a reproducible manner, it could be like the Spinning jenny and Arkwright's water frame all over again -- out of the bag.

    Exactly.  The start of a new renassaince 

  • Re: Metacoins! Here's what I've got, which ones am I missing? Whats your favorite?

    I love a good debate :)  There weren't multiple teams competing with profit motive staring them in the face when linux was first developed, ti was much more like Bitcoin and the altcoins - First mover is all alone because nobody else even understands why somebody would bother doing this.  So by the time people figured it out, not only was a good solution out there but it was out there before they even began developing competing ideas, much less code.

    But that's not the case here, the prize has been obvious for over a year and all the efforts coming out now are the result of that obviousness a year ago.  I think competition will lead to a brutal pace of development, but again everybody wins because it's such a big problem and it will be solved well because of the pressure.

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