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  • Re: Cryptocurrencies & Gaming

    I think games should be just like real life, just without such consequence attached.   Do we like games because we can win at the same time everybody else does?  Is that important to the game being fun?   I think at least for many like myself, the attraction is a challenge that does not have life or death consequences.

    Interestly, by adding monetary feedback to this you actually make it possible for this to be life and death (people who make money only from playing a game for example).
    I think it is a fear, not a reality that attaching real market economics creates a shrinking-pie scenario, that's only true if the rules of your game are such that they can be dominated and generally in games they don't do that, unlike real life :) 

  • Re: What Every Piece of Content Must Have to be Published & Paid

    xcpbank said:

    Can you explain a bit more how you will evaluate how many POP points each content should receive?

    "50-60% of money supply is distributed via POP" - what is the start and end dateto be eligible to receive POP points?  to be eligible to receive POP points? 

    The two documents linked here, the one you want specifically would be Proof of Publishing

    Each POP period last a week and ends with a distribution.

  • Re: What Every Piece of Content Must Have to be Published & Paid

    What do you mean?

  • Re: Avoiding shallow articles

    Omnio said: That seems like a good idea, but a post review process would certainly create more work if every single piece of content created must go through an "approval." Why not just let it run wild like Reddit and have the audience audit it like you suggest?

    Right now i'm thinking there is a "Does Not Comply with Publishing Guidelines" field for each published article that people reading the article can push and fill out if they find evidence that it does not meet the standards.  Then people can send LTBcoin to the proposal if they believe it is right, and after a certain threshold (like more than the average tip amount or something) it flags a mod who investigates and then rewards people based on how much value they bet it was not compliant.  If it does comply and the mods time is wasted, people who sent value don't win anything and also lose the funds they sent to the breach proposal.

  • Re: Avoiding shallow articles

    Another idea could be to crowd source it. So for example.. article gets submitted. Kicks around in a "new" section or something for a bit, where it goes through a sort of peer review process. If a user can provide evidence that the article was plagarized from somewhere (or otherwise complete BS), then they can submit their evidence to the administration/moderators who can then look into and confirm the allegations and reward the user with X amount of LTBCoin for their efforts. The process could be streamlined so would basically be just a simple evidence submission form which notifies a mod. Mod checks it out, removes the article if needed and gives the user their reward with a single button click. 
    Yep, this seems like the way to do it.  Don't automate it, incentivize and outsource it to the audience.

  • Re: Metacoins! Here's what I've got, which ones am I missing? Whats your favorite?

    NXT has a fascinating problem/advantage in how decentralized they are.  They actually have lots of funds, but no real consensus for how to spend them.  They also just had their founder leave, and yet have some of the most advanced tech and deployments out there.  They traded layered security for global lightweight accessibility by not using a wallet.dat file and making all accounts inherently brainwallets.   They're a totally different tech from bitcoin, but so different that its been difficult for exchanges to deal with them
    They're the biggest wild card in all of this, IMO. 

  • Re: Looking for LTBcoin Core Thinkers and Doers

    I like to think my life is one big lucid dream :) Looking forward to what you come up with.

  • Re: Metacoins! Here's what I've got, which ones am I missing? Whats your favorite?

    lightcoin said: RE: XRP distribution
    is just one of the ways they're getting rid of XRP.
    They can be looked at as a speculative investment, but are more valuable for their utility on the network as an anti-spam mechanism and bridge currency for market makers. 

    Hey John, you and I have had this conversation before :)  Does Ripple Labs have a place where I can find their comprehensive distribution strategy?  That would solve a bunch of my complaints.

  • Re: Metacoins, Crypto 2.0 and User Created Asset Index

    Right now the index is determined by 24hr trade volume, we're moving towards a weighted average.

  • Re: Metacoins, Crypto 2.0 and User Created Asset Index

    The dev working on this project with me is Schmidty on the boards. As mentioned the current site is very much a MVP, happy to hear any ideas or suggestions.

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