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  • Re: Metacoins, Crypto 2.0 and User Created Asset Index

    Only problem with that is Market Cap screws the pooch with NXT and especially XRP in play. I'm still looking for a good solution to compare PoW and PoS coins with their wildly different money supplies.

  • Re: How else should the Audience "Mine" LTB? - Proof of Tip and Proof of Comment

    I like Bosman's idea with podcast. My biggest contribution is downloading the podcast and then forwarding them to my Facebook friends. This will spread the news about LTB.

    This feels more spammy than effective. Most everything else we are paying for results how do we do that here?

  • Re: LTBcoin Art

    Here you go Ruben

  • Re: LTBcoin Art

    I'll have to do it in the morning

  • Re: Looking for LTBcoin Core Thinkers and Doers

    Yes, I agree.

  • Re: Looking for LTBcoin Core Thinkers and Doers

    I'm just saying, it would be awesome to have some true believers who can focus on evangelizing the sales side and external marketing strategies.

  • Re: Looking for LTBcoin Core Thinkers and Doers

    Yeah, my intent is to be the trailblazer on this.  I think we'll be big in our niche, maybe it'll be a reason to branch out to talking about other things besides Crypto but I think it might be better to stay small and valuable.
    I am not a programmer but more of a writer, editor, marketer, thinker, organizer with a fair amount of experience writing articles and essays, writing copy for sales and marketing purposes, advertising/sponsorship sales, investor relations, entrepreneurship, etc. 

    Not sure if you've noticed, but my focus is content - I am a great evangelist but I hate selling and I'm an awful closer because I'm too empathetic.  Let's Talk Bitcoin! needs evangelists who can be the first buyers of sponsorships for LTB shows.  We're going to be selling monthly sponsorships as decentralized, tradable tokens also built on CounterParty.  People will use LTBcoin to bid for the Sponsorships, at first they'll be sold monthly but it might eventually become weekly.  
    The sponsor auction will take place on the Counterparty Decentralized Exchange - At first, few of our interested sponsors are going to jump through those hoops and there won't be much competition.  We need autonomous evangelist/sales to buy sponsorships through this process at the cheapest price they can get them (in LTBcoin), and then sell the sponsorships on to would-be-advertisers (for profit, in Bitcoin or whatever) who comply with our network standards, and then facilitate the execution of their sponsorship through our system.     Also it should be noted listeners can be sponsors so long as their messaging complies with our standards.
    With regards to new user content, I agree and I'm going to be setting aside some specific portions of the Content allocation to go towards shows targeting extreme new users.  We'll probably have two.  We also are going to be adding some less libertarian content, the network is a little heavily weighted right now.

    Does that make sense? 
    Edit:On another note, this project NEEDs people besides me driving it.  I get TOTALLY bogged down in details and get analysis paralysis, also I have a real fear of success so I slow down as I get close to launch.  I have been feeling this resistance on finishing the few fundamental papers on this.  Going to give it another try tomorrow.    
    Organization is a primary failing of mine, you can tell from the collaboration thread I am looking for other models because I want to take myself out of this role as quickly as possible but we need a way to organize and focus effort forward and overcome the hurdles that inevitably will come.

    So there are lots of ways you could get involved, and this is a good time to do it.  What type of thing do you want to focus on?  We need everything.

  • Re: Collaboration Tools and other Useful Things

    Loomio is indeed really interesting, I set up a board for LTBcoin, lets talk about if we want to use it over there

  • Re: LTBcoin Launch Day Distribution

    triox said: What about hosts of other shows on LTB network? It'd be nice to reimburse them proportionally for past shows. 

    I'm of mixed feelings on this as all the shows on the LTB network started two months or less ago and are all less than 10 episodes in.  Since all these shows will be involved with the week 1 content distribution, they'll be doing so the very first "day of mining" so it's going to be incredibly high paying in LTB relative to any other point in LTBcoin history.  

    That event, plus the newness of each show had me thinking they'd be happy just being onboard the first and highest paying month of LTBcoin.   If I've misjudged the situation, I'm happy to have the conversation.  @Paul?  Lij?

  • LTBcoin Art

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